When German players take to the pitch in Brazil this summer for the first FIFA World Cup event in four years, they will not only be wearing a stylish new Germany football shirt courtesy of team sponsor Adidas but they will also be carrying an awful lot of hope that they can close the deal and become only the third team in history to win the global tournament three times.

Over the course of history, Germany has won three World Cup titles. Four runner-up slots and four third place finishes plus a lone fourth place position means that the German national football team has made it to the World Cup semifinals or later more than any other team on the planet. With the team currently seeded second on FIFA's world rankings (behind defending champions Spain), it's no surprise that fans are stocking up on the brand new home kit and Germany 2014 FIFA World Cup away jersey as well as other team gear, all of which can be found online at Soccer Box.

The Most Consistent Team Ever?

In fact, Germany has done so well at so many different World Cup events that one could argue that the team is the most consistent force in the history of international soccer.

Brazil may lead the way in World Cup titles (with five), but pales in comparison to Germany in other top four finishes. In fact, the Brazil team has landed in second and third place half as frequently as Germany, giving Germany more top four finishes overall than this year's home team.

Similarly, Italy has four World Cup wins one more than Germany but has only made it to the semifinals or further eight times. No other team in World Cup history has finished in the top four more than five times.

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride 

Despite Germany's hugely consistent record of success on the global soccer stage, the team has been something of a perpetual World Cup bridesmaid for the past two decades. The team's third victory came in 1990, adding a third star to the crest on the Germany soccer shirt.

Since then, however, the wearers of the Germany football shirt have mostly struggled to mount a charge for a fourth star. In 1994 and 1998 alike, the team was upset in the quarterfinals by lesser contenders. Germany bounced back in 2002, making it all the way to the finals before losing to Brazil in the latter team's fifth World Cup victory.

In 2006 and 2010, Germany again performed admirably, burning through the group stage, the round of 16, and the quarterfinals in each before losing in the semifinals and finishing in third place. Few people regarded the two cups as failures for the German team, but players and fans alike are clearly getting tired of coming so close only to have their hopes foiled at the last minute.

Four Stars in 2014?

However, with a second place FIFA world ranking and plenty of momentum, everything seems ripe this year for a German victory. Who knows, will the Germany 2014 FIFA World Cup away jersey be the last in the team's history to feature the three-star crest?

It could be. Before the German team can make it back to semifinal or championship match position, however, it will have to fight its way out of a difficult group stage. The team has been drawn into Group G, where it will face off against challenging opponents like Portugal and the United States, as well as a more wild card team in the form of Ghana.

The toughest opponent of the bunch will be Portugal, a team that has ample momentum of its own, and one which FIFA has ranked as third in the world right below Germany. The two teams will face off in one of the first matches of the tournament, a game that is sure to be marked by much action and excitement. Fans hoping to attend the match should remember to buy a Germany 2014 FIFA World Cup away jersey, or the home shirt that the players will be sporting.

As for other versions of the Germany football shirt, many of them can be found online at Soccer Box.