If you've been looking for an opportunity to get your kids interested in soccer, then now is the perfect time. With the World Cup fully underway and with exciting matches being played and broadcast every single day between now and mid-July, even the most casual football fans are reading up on scores and game highlights. The World Cup simply has a way of sweeping people up into its narrative, making it the perfect time to nurture a burgeoning interest in sports. You can even tie the World Cup to the league play that will resume in the fall, perhaps by buying Chelsea football shirts 2014 and picking out players from the Chelsea squad to support in Brazil.

At Soccer Box, we are ready to support your passion for football no matter the circumstances, whether you are looking for national soccer shirts or club team uniforms, and whether you are looking for adult jerseys or for kits that will push your kids' soccer excitement to a fever pitch. From an adult England soccer jersey to a Chelsea kids away jersey 2014 2015, Soccer Box has everything you could possibly need for a household of football fanatics!

Chelsea Football Shirts

Getting Your Kids Interested for Life

So what is the best way to go about getting your kids interested in soccer and using the World Cup to do it, no less?

The first important thing to remember is that while World Cup play can inspire people, young and old, to follow football for a month, it hardly breeds lifelong appreciation for the sport. Anyone can appreciate World Cup play because it is a universal thing and because you don't have to know a lot about soccer or about its biggest players to cheer for your country's national team. But the World Cup is brief, a month-long burst of excitement and action that only occurs once every four years, and since national teams typically only play a few times every year (especially in years without a World Cup), it's difficult for casual fans to build a bigger appreciation for soccer based just on the World Cup alone.

In other words, if you are a parent who wants to spread a love of football to your kids, then you need to inspire them to look beyond national teams and explore the club football sector a bit more. Not only is league play considerably more consistent than national team fixtures, but an appreciation for teams like the Chelsea football club can only deepen the fun of following the World Cup.

A Different Way of Following the World Cup

For instance, right now, Chelsea fans aren't just following their chosen national team or teams, but all of the players in this year's World Cup who will be back in England next fall to wear the Chelsea football shirts 2014 in Premier League competition. With 18 Chelsea players participating in the World Cup more than at any other point in the club's history fans of the team have plenty to follow.

Therefore, by buying your child a Chelsea kids away jersey 2014 2015 and encouraging a love for league play as well as nationwide action, you might inspire your son or daughter to follow all 18 of the Chelsea players in this summer's World Cup. Since Chelsea's players are spread across eight different national teams including Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, England, Germany, Ghana, Nigeria, and Spain following the exploits of those players throughout the tournament can be a fun way to give your child a stake in matches not necessarily involving their favorite team.

Note that Chelsea's tally of 18 World Cup players includes guys like England's Frank Lampard, who will be out of his contract this month and will soon become a free agent rather than returning to wear the Chelsea football shirts 2014 in the fall. It also includes new signings, like Spain's Cesc Fabregas, who will join Chelsea for the first time later this year.

So which players should your child be keeping an eye on in the World Cup as they wear their Chelsea kids away jersey 2014 2015? So far, Brazilian winger/attacking midfielder Oscar, who was named the "man of the match" in the first match of the tournament, has made the strongest Chelsea showing.

Whether you want to give your kids additional reason to love soccer, or are just a big fan of the Chelsea team and want to support its players at the World Cup, you can find Chelsea football shirts at Soccer Box today.