In the 2012 2013 year of Spain's La Liga division, Getafe CF ended the year in 10th place. Last season, the football club slipped down to unlucky 13 with an inferior performance. With the 2014 2015 Premier League though, the team is looking to return to the upper echelons of Spain's La Liga Division, and fans can support those efforts with a new Getafe soccer jersey, available now at Soccer Box.

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Getafe Soccer Jersey

The Season so Far

The Deep Blues have performed respectably throughout the first eight weeks of 2014 2015 La Liga play. The squad's record of 3 wins, 1 draw, and 4 losses has placed them in 10th place at the current time. If that position holds or improves, Getafe will beat its 13th place finish from last year.

Of course, there is a long haul until May 2015, when the La Liga standings will officially be set in stone and the champion announced. And the Deep Blues, of course, will face plenty of substantial challenges between now and then.

Indeed, of the teams that finished in the 2013 2014 La Liga top 10, Getafe CF has so far played four of them: Sevilla, Real Sociedad, Valencia, and Celta de Vigo. CF only won one of those matches-a recent away fixture against Real Sociedad. The other three football games ended in losses.

Getafe, of course, has padded its record with wins against lesser teams. In fixtures against 2013 2014 teams like Almeria and Malaga, players donned the Getafe home shirt 2014 2015 for 1-0 home wins.

Still, the team will need to defeat top Spanish clubs if it is to have a hope of maintaining a top 10 finish this year. As of yet, Getafe still hasn't played Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid, or Athletic Bilbao-the top four finishers from last year's league table.

The Real Sociedad Match

The Real Sociedad match from this past weekend provided new levels of hope and promise, though, and made fans prouder than ever to wear the Getafe soccer jersey. After 80-plus minutes of scoreless play, Sociedad's Pablo Hervias drilled a goal to give his team the lead.

As full time approached, it looked like that was going to be it: another away loss for the Deep Blues, and another defeat from a top Spanish football club. But then, at the 90-minute mark, with time dwindling, Getafe's Abdoul Yoda converted an assist from Babacar Diawara into a goal. At 90+4, Yoda scored again, giving the Deep Blues a shocking (but welcome) last-minute victory.

A Shift in Momentum?

Just as the momentum shifted in Getafe's favor during the last minutes of the Real Sociedad match, the team could just have gained a new jolt of energy for the rest of the season. Upsets and comeback wins have a way of giving newfound momentum to soccer squads, after all.

Of course, the Deep Blues will need momentum, skill, support, and a little bit of luck next weekend. The players will be putting on the Getafe home shirt 2014 2015 to face La Liga defending champions, Atletico Madrid.

The at home match against Atletico Madrid will be the biggest test yet for the 2014 2015 Getafe squad. The club hasn't won a match against Atletico since 2011, but a win this weekend could truly boost the chances of the Deep Blues finishing the year in the La Liga top 10.

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