Undoubtedly, Ghana's effort to score its best finishing position ever in the World Cup will be a challenging road full of obstacles and worthy opponents. However, sometimes all a team needs to succeed is fan appreciation and enthusiasm, and what better way for a Ghana soccer fan to show his or her pride for the team than by purchasing a Ghana World Cup away jersey 2014? Manufactured by Puma and crafted from the vibrant red of the team's away colors, the jersey is available for an affordable price from the Soccer Box online store, and will make you or your loved ones look like veritable die-hard soccer fans.

Ghana Looks to Improve Upon 2010 World Cup Performance

Though the Ghana national football team has experienced a great deal of success since it was first established in the 1950s both in the Olympic Games and in the Africa Cup of Nations the team did not actually qualify for the FIFA World Cup tournament until 2006. The Black Stars were ultimately eliminated in the round of 16 by Brazil this year's home team but the Ghana football shirt still remained a badge of honor for African soccer fans.

Four years ago, though, Ghana made good on that national and continental pride in rousing fashion. At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Ghana thrilled home audiences by becoming only the third African team to ever make it all the way to the quarterfinals of the tournament, and the only one to do so with another finish in the top 16.

In the group stage, the Black Stars performed strongly, qualifying to advance in the tournament over strong teams from Australia and Serbia. In their group, Ghana was bested only by Germany a fact rendered even more contentious and competitive by the fact that the teams pitted brothers against one another. (Ghana's Jerome Boateng was related to Germany's Kevin Prince Boateng).

Ultimately, both Ghana and Germany qualified to move beyond the 2010 World Cup group stage and into the round of 16. There, the Ghana national football team knocked the United States out of the tournament in an exciting 2-1 match-up. Ghana's Cinderella story unfortunately came to an end in the quarterfinals in a 4-2 penalty shoot-out, no less but Ghana fans and African soccer enthusiasts alike will undoubtedly remember the team's great promise this year as they wear the Ghana World Cup away jersey and cheer the team toward an even higher finish.

Additional Successes for the Ghana Soccer Team

In addition to their strong showings at the 2006 and 2010 World Cup events, the Black Stars have shown success on the African stage and the global one as well. The team has won the Africa Cup of Nations on four separate occasions (first in 1963, then again in 1965, 1978, and 1982), and has shown strength in other years as well, fighting its way to the runner-up position in 1968, 1970, 1992, and 2010. Only Cameroon can rival Ghana in terms of Cup of Nations success (the national also has four trophies).

The team has also qualified for numerous Olympic tournaments, and became the first African nation to medal in the sport in 1992, taking bronze. Needless to say, there is plenty of successful history in this team to back up the bold and prideful red of the Ghana World Cup away jersey 2014.

Get Your World Cup Jerseys

Will the Black Stars see their most successful finish ever at this year's World Cup event? Soccer fans around the world will have to wait until June to find out. However, in anticipation of the tournament, you can head over to Soccer Box today and pick up a Ghana football shirt to show your pride for the team.