At Soccer Box, we are already getting some of Glasgow's new uniform options into our online store. Fans anxious to stock up on gear for next season will be happy with the new Glasgow Rangers away shirt 2014 2015. The jersey is a red Puma shirt with a gorgeous design, boasting bits of red and blue trim for accent colors and an ornate embroidered Rangers crest. The shirt will be worn in the team's matches away from their home ground at Ibrox Stadium.

Glasgow Rangers Football Shirts

A Long Climb Back to Greatness

The return of the Glasgow Rangers to football prominence has been arguably the biggest story of Scottish soccer play over the past few years. With a slew of titles in its history including 54 league titles and more than two dozen wins apiece in the Scottish Cup and the Scottish League Cup not to mention a status as one of the founding members of the original Scottish Football League, it seemed as if the Rangers were too talented and established a team to ever face relegation.

However, after money problems in 2012 forced the team into insolvency and liquidation, the future of the team was anything but certain. In fact, Glasgow's disputes with its creditors were so fraught with difficulty that many wondered if the Glasgow Rangers soccer jerseys would simply vanish from all future Scottish football competitions.

Ultimately, a new company bought the Rangers, but the shake-up forced the team to essentially start from the bottom in this case, the Scottish Football League's Third Division and climb its way back up. The Rangers, of course, quickly showed that they didn't belong anywhere near the bottom league of Scottish football, winning the Third Division with a total of 25 wins and 83 league points (the next closest team had 17 wins and 59 points).

The same general narrative took place this past season, with the Rangers finishing their run in the Scottish League One with an undefeated record of 33 wins and three draws, with 106 goals scored and only 18 goals conceded. The stellar stats earned the Rangers a seasonal league total of 102 points, which, in one of the most stunning shows of domination in soccer history, beat the second place team by 39 points. Clearly, the Glasgow Rangers soccer jerseys had no place in League One, either.

A Season in the Scottish Championship

Now, the Glasgow Rangers will get a chance to don the fire red of the Glasgow Rangers away shirt and challenge the teams of the Scottish Championship in the same way they have challenged the teams of the Third Division and League One. If the Rangers can clinch another title, they will be promoted to the Scottish Premiership, and will again be where most football fans believe they belong: at the pinnacle of Scottish soccer.

If recent season stats are anything to go by, then Glasgow will have little to no trouble hanging with new competitors in the Scottish Championship. In addition to winning League One and the Third Division, the Rangers have also recently experienced success in other Scottish football events. For instance, this season, the team made it to the finals of the Scottish Challenge Cup and the semifinals of the Scottish Cup accomplishments usually reserved for the best teams in the country.

Then again, Glasgow's historical stats prove that the team is indeed one of the greatest in Scotland, and the Rangers will have a chance to prove that next season when the Glasgow Rangers away shirt 2014 2015 marks the team's return to a worthy division.

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