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An Important Year

Regardless of which jersey you choose from Soccer Box's Glasgow Rangers shop, you will involve yourself in what is a very important time for the club. The Teddy Bears (as the Rangers have so lovingly been nicknamed over the years) are currently fighting for a chance to slip back into the Scottish Premiership.

The Teddy Bears are, of course, the most successful team ever in Scotland football history. They've been champions in the top-tier of Scottish football on 54 separate occasions. Most recently, they enjoyed a three-year streak in the division, from 2009 to 2011. Unfortunately, a change of corporate entity in 2012 forced the club to join the fourth tier and climb their way up.

That climb is nearly complete, and based on how the Rangers have performed, thus far, in the 2014 2015, they will finally have a chance to shoot for another Scottish Premiership title in 2015.

The 2014 2015 Season so Far

The wearers of the Glasgow Rangers home jersey have been playing this year in the Scottish Championship. At the moment, the squad is in second place on the division standings table, behind only Heart of Midlothian.

Despite their pedigree as one of the best teams in Scotland football history, Glasgow has been trailing behind Midlothian for almost the entire season. Based on the current standings, it doesn't look like the Teddy Bears will be taking the top slot any time soon, either. Midlothian is undefeated in the league and has a record of 16 wins and three draws.

The Rangers, meanwhile, have had a more hit or miss run. So far, they've won 12 games, drawn two, and lost five. The squad's performance has been quite surprising, given the fact that they won their 2013 2014 season-in the Scottish League One-without losing a single match. No wonder Soccer Box's Glasgow Rangers shop was so popular after that trophy!

Surprising Challenges

The Scottish Championship is a tougher division, and that much has showed in how the wearers of the Glasgow jersey struggled throughout the fall of 2014. In particular, the club has met substantial challenges in matches played away from home. They lost 0-2 to Heart of Midlothian in a late November match, and fell in a game with Queen of the South in December, losing 0-2.

The losses seemed to plague the Rangers throughout the latter part of 2014 as if they were catching the winter blues as the New Year approached. They ended 2014 on a particularly sour note, suffering their biggest loss of the season so far in a 0-4, December 27th away match with Hibernian.

While the Teddy Bears have suffered three big defeats in away fixtures, they've only dropped a couple games while clad in the Glasgow Rangers home jersey 2014 2015. Those home losses came against Heart of Midlothian and Hibernian, highlighting both as big rivals for Glasgow this season.

Whichever squad wins the season outright gets an automatic promotion to the Premiership. The second, third, and fourth place teams, meanwhile, will have to battle it out for the other promotion spot in a playoff. In other words, fans of the Rangers are hoping that the club can pull out a win for that automatic promotion. Otherwise, they'll have to battle the likes of Hibernian and Queen of the South in the playoffs.

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