The Glasgow Rangers home shirt 2014 2015 can now be bought at the Soccer Box online store. The home jersey is a mostly plain blue soccer shirt with white trim. The shirt, made by Puma, uses comfortable DryCELL technology to wick moisture away and keep players cool while the are on the football pitch. It will also, of course, keep fans cool and content while they are in the stands.

Glasgow Rangers Soccer Jersey

The Away Jersey

The home shirt is not the only variation of the Glasgow Rangers soccer jersey currently available at Soccer Box. On the contrary, we also have the jerseys that team members will be wearing at away fixtures throughout the upcoming season.

Where the Glasgow Rangers home shirt 2014 2015 is a plain and traditional soccer jersey, the away kit boasts a striking reddish orange design that is unlike anything worn by any other team in professional football. With a portion of the Union Jack symbol embedded into the design, the shirt pays tribute to the Rangers' Scottish heritage while also marking them as a bold and forward thinking football club.

Making up for Lost Time

Forward thinking is something that the Glasgow Rangers have had to be over the past several years, after an ejection disaster left the winningest club in Scottish football history relegated to the fourth division of national soccer competition.

Luckily for Glasgow fans and players, the disaster didn't come due to cheating or some other scandal that might have forever tarnished the reputation of a great football dynasty. Instead, it happened because the company that owned the Rangers was liquidated, forcing the football club itself to essentially start from the bottom of the ladder and climb back up.

Relegation and Rise

The ejection of Glasgow Rangers from the Scottish Premiership came just a year after the club won its 54th national title in Scottish football. The 2011 2012 season landed Rangers in second place on the Premiership table, well behind Celtic, that year's champion, but well ahead of the rest of the field.

Unfortunately for fans of the Scottish Rangers, new corporate structure meant that the football club had to be relegated to the fourth tier of Scottish football. So it was that the 2012 2013 season brought the Rangers to the Scottish Third Division to start anew. There, Glasgow more or less flattened the competition, winning 25 matches, drawing 8, and losing only 3 to earn quick promotion.

Things went even better for the Rangers in the third tier Scottish League One last season. The team actually managed to go undefeated, winning 33 matches and drawing 3. In comparison, the second place team had a record of 19-6-11.

Things to Come

This year, the Glasgow Rangers home shirt will see the team promoted once more, this time to the Scottish Championship. Another victory for the Rangers will earn the club yet another promotion and will return the 54-time Scottish champions to the league where everyone knows they belong: the Scottish Premiership.

The return to the Premiership won't be as easy as the past two promotions have been. Already, the Rangers have lost a match. The team that beat Glasgow, Heart of Midlothien, was relegated from the Premiership at the end of last season and is arguably the Rangers' biggest competition this year.

In Glasgow's absense, Celtic has dominated the Premiership, winning both the 2012 2013 and 2013 2014 titles without competitive challengers. Chances are that Celtic will continue to rule the league until Glasgow returns.

Will the Rangers be the same club they once were when they inevitably return to the Premiership, or will the Rangers' years away from the top division have kept the best players in Scottish football away from Glasgow?

Only time will tell on both subjects, but you can cheer for Rangers today by purchasing a Glasgow Rangers soccer jersey from Soccer Box!