We're broadening our product selection at Soccer Box this fall, and one of the new additions is the stunning 2014 2015 take on the Granada football shirt. Granada CF finished off last year's La Liga season in 15th place, avoiding relegation but failing Granada Home Shirt 2014 - 2015to win many matches. This year, fans are hoping that a strong season start for Granada are predicting a stronger season for their favorite team. Time, of course, will tell if that will be the case.

Either way, fans can now get their Granada jerseys for the upcoming season directly from the Soccer Box online store. In fact, the Granada home jersey 2014 2015 is one of our favorite new pieces of merchandise this fall, a stunning jersey made by kit manufacturer Joma and featuring a cool red, white, and blue design that has both traditional and modern elements. This is the first shirt that Granada has done with Joma, having previously worked with Spanish sportswear company, Luanvi.

A cool dot effect creates a collage or bleed of the red and white horizontal stripes on the body of the Granada football shirt. Meanwhile, bits of bright blue trim around the V-neck of the shirt as well as on the sleeves and around the bottom corners create a unique look to set the Granada shirt apart from the many other jerseys on the market with red and white striping motifs. The look is an irresistible one, and you will love it whether you are a longtime Granada fan or someone deciding to support the club for the first time this year!

Granada History

While there are clubs in La Liga that have never been relegated to lower divisions of Spanish soccer, Granada is not one of them. The Granada home jersey 2014 2015 marks the club's 21st season competing in La Liga, but Granada CF has also played in the modern Segunda Division (most recently in 2010 2011), Segunda Division B (as recently as 2009 2010), and even the Tercera Division (from 2002 through 2006).

Granada has also never won a title in La Liga, nor finished a season in a runner-up position. The club has won victories in lower divisions, in order to win promotions up the ladder of Spanish football, but a top-level performance in La Liga is still something that fans and players alike are waiting for.

Recent Struggles

Recent years have not been particularly kind to the Granada football shirt or the team that wears it. In 2011 2012, the club came dangerously close to relegation, finishing the season with 12 wins, 6 draws, and 20 losses, landing in 17th place on the division table, and ending the year just one point ahead of the bottom three teams.

In fact, that year, Granada actually lost more matches than Villarreal, one of the relegated clubs. Villarreal finished the season with a record of 9-14-15 and actually bested Granada in terms of goal difference. It was Granada's 12 wins that allowed the club to barely skate by unscathed.

New Manager

Granada's performance has improved slightly in the two seasons since but not enough from a fan and administrative perspective. In both years, Granada landed in the 15th position on the La Liga table, well enough out of relegation range but miles from that elusive league victory.

The disappointing performances from Granada over the past few years have meant that the manager position has been in consistent upheaval. Since January 2012, the club has cycled through three managers and is starting on the fourth this season.

The latest managerial choice is Joaquin Caparros, a veteran and stalwart of Spanish soccer who has led Sevilla, Deportivo, Athletic Bilbao, and many others over the course of his 30-plus year career. Hopefully Caparros will be able to right the ship and land the Granada home jersey 2014 2015 a bit higher on the La Liga table this year.

A La Liga victory seems unlikely for Granada this year, but fans are merely hoping that Caparros can do well enough to stick around. After all, it's clear that something Granada deeply needs right now is managerial consistency.

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