Last year, the Hertha Berliner Sport Club finished in 11th place on the league table for the German Bundesliga. This year, the team is shooting for a stronger outcome, and that much can be seen in the fresh design of Nike's two new Hertha Berlin soccer Hertha berlin Home Shirt 2014 - 2015jersey items.

Soccer Box is now carrying both new Hertha Berlin football kits, including the Hertha Berlin home shirt 2014 2015. The new home jersey is only a slight variation of what it has been in the past. Last year's Hertha BSC home shirt was a white and blue affair laid out in thin, alternating vertical stripes. This season, the same basic design persists, but the stripes have been thickened and the blue hues darkened.

This year's jersey also sees the return of kit sponsor (and German railway company), Deutsche Bahn. The white and red Deutsche Bahn (or DB) logo was absent from last year's variations of the Hertha Berlin soccer jersey but is back this year for a more "big league football" look.

Away Shirt

In addition to the Hertha Berlin home shirt 2014 2015, Soccer Box also has new stock available of the flashy new Hertha BSC away jerseys. The 2014 2015 away jerseys continue Hertha Berlin's trend of mixing up the design of its away kits every year. This has also been a trend of sorts with Nike lately in many of the away shirts it designs throughout the professional football community.

The new Hertha Berlin away football shirt is a dark and bold new direction for the club. It trades the white and blue stripes of the home jersey for navy blue and black stripes laid out in the same fashion. In that sense, the jersey is almost like the "dark clone" of the home shirt, which offers a cool dichotomy to fans and shirt collectors this year. The navy and black almost bleed together because of their dark hues but not quite, and the look they create together is quite striking.

Recent Hertha Berlin Club History

In recent years, Hertha Berlin's away football shirt has gone through many changes, from a red and black design during the 2012 2013 season to the unique orange and yellow striping that marked the 2013 2014 shirt.

The changes and evolutions in the Hertha Berlin soccer jersey have been mirrored by the club's own shifting fortunes. In recent years, Hertha Berlin has oscillated back and forth between berths in the top Bundesliga division and in 2. Bundesliga. Title wins in the latter (in both the 2010 2011 and 2012 2013 season) had been answered by relegation years in the top division-a disheartening progression for fans who just want to see Hertha reach a triumphant position in the Bundesliga.

With that in mind, Hertha BSC's 11th place finish in the 2013 2014 Bundesliga was actually a fairly strong finish for the football club. With a record of 11 wins, 8 draws, and 15 losses, Hertha Berlin ended last season almost 49 points behind the champion team, Bayern Munich, on the final season tallies.

However, the 2013 2014 season also saw Hertha Berlin avoiding relegation territory by five slots, which will give the club another chance to battle for Bundesliga glory this season.

Chances of Victory

The chances of the Hertha Berlin home shirt 2014 2015 marking a Cinderella story march toward the top of the Bundesliga table seems unlikely, given Hertha's recent history. However, with a second straight year in the Bundesliga, and with manager Jos Luhukay starting his third season with the team-he will be the first coach since 2007 to last more than two seasons-it seems as if the Hertha Berlin football squad could finally be able to build up a bit of momentum.

For now, fans are just hoping that said momentum can carry Hertha Berlin into Bundesliga's top 10. A win, at this point, might be too much to hope for. Hertha Berlin has only won the German football championship title twice, and they were won consecutively in 1930 and 1931.

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