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The 2014 2015 Bundesliga

The wearers of the Hoffenheim jersey have gone through quite the journey with their 2014 2015 Bundesliga campaign. Early in the season, they were actually one of the best clubs in the division. Starting with an August 23rd home victory against FC Augsburg, TGS started a hot streak that would keep them in the top five for the first third of the season.

It was more than two months into the 2014 2015 season before Hoffenheim actually lost a fixture. Even then, they were only defeated by Borussia Monchengladbach-a team likely to finish in third place this year. And since Hoffenheim's early run included wins against respected football clubs like Schalke 04 and Augsburg, many supporters of the squad were getting quite excited about the prospect of a peak five finish.

But then the soccer squad hit a lull. The week after their loss to Borussia Monchengladbach, TGS players donned the Hoffenheim home shirt to take on FC Koln. It should have been an easy win, considering the fact that Koln was just promoted to the Bundesliga this season. Instead, Hoffenheim suffered a 3-4 loss. A 0-4 defeat from Bayern Munich the next week cemented the club's performance hiatus.

The Lull and The Recovery

The good news for fans in the Hoffenheim jersey was that their team still managed to win games periodically, even in their midseason dry spell. Even in rough months like December and January, the club still managed sizable victories against Hannover 86, Eintracht Frankfurt, and Hertha BSC. Three losses in the first week of February alone undid a lot of the momentum of those wins, but TGS was still performing well enough to avoid dipping past eighth place on the Bundesliga rankings.

Recently, things have improved again for the wearers of the Hoffenheim home shirt 2014 2015. March home victories against the likes of FSV Mainz 05 and Hamburger SV have offered signs of life for the soccer squad. The latter game, played on March 14th, brought a 3-0 victory-including a brace of goals for Eugan Polanski.

With a few more three-point victories in the vein of that Hamburger game, the Hoffenham squad could easily leapfrog their way into the Bundesliga 2014 2015 top five. Granted, they would have to score some major wins against highly-ranked teams to do so. However, the team will have ample opportunity to do just that in the coming weeks.

In the next month alone, Hoffenheim will play home games against Borussia Monchengladbach (April 4th) and Bayern Munich (April 18th), as well as an away game rematch with FC Koln (April 12th). Wins in any of these fixtures would help TGS to climb the table, and would be the icing on top of a strong 2014 2015 football season for the club.

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