Netherlands 2014 World Cup N98 JacketHolland is notorious in international football circles for raising extremely skilled players with a mind for tactical soccer. The bright orange Holland soccer jersey has graced the backs of many a talented player, as well as the thousands of fans that attend their games every year. The Netherlands football legacy is one marred by a series of FIFA World Cup disappointments, with the team powering through to the final round on three separate occasions, only to come up short each time.

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The Puzzle That is Dutch Football 

You could say that the Dutch have a record for being enigmatic when it comes to football. The Dutch national team's inconsistent performance, despite their penchant for precise and technical football, has stumped many a soccer analyst as well as longtime fans of the team. It is clear to many that the team from Holland possesses natural talent as well as solid leadership, and judging by their three 2nd place victories at previous World Cups, they should have what it takes to be counted among the best teams in international football.

The Dutch are probably best known for their revolutionary implementation of the "Total Football" brand of tactics, which makes for some spectacular soccer at the best of times. However, their strategy has been known to fail them in a pinch. The team's coach, Louis van Gaal, is an advocate of the Total Football approach and will expect his team to execute it flawlessly when it comes time to change out of their Netherlands training kit and take to the pitch in Brazil.

The Dutch were certainly looking in top form during their qualifiers for this year's games, with 9 wins, 1 loss they came first in Europe's group D. The team ended their 2013 season on a high note, going unbeaten for 12 straight games, so they have the momentum they need to make their next bid for the World Cup a winning one. All that's left is for fans to watch, wait and support their team as they try and end the string of bitter losses that has plagued their FIFA careers.

Will Holland Reign Supreme in 2014?

Holland's chances at winning the FIFA World Cup have never looked better. Their roster is stacked with star players who are masters of their chosen specialties, and highly trained in Holland's infamous Total Football tactics. Soccer fans dressed in the Netherlands training kit are in for a dazzling display of technical football this summer in Brazil, but will Holland's star players be enough to tackle the mounting competition?

The Dutch soccer squad consists of star players from a few of today's best and brightest football clubs. Manchester United's talisman Robin van Persie will be sporting the Holland soccer jersey complete with the captain's armband at this year's World Cup. His offensive prowess accounts for 11 of the team's impressive 34 goals in the most recent qualifying round, and fans are hoping his hot streak will help the team make it to this year's final round and beyond.

In addition to van Persie Coach van Gaal has tapped the playmaking talents of Rafael van der Vaart, the experienced midfielder from Hamburg as well as offensive superstar Arjen Robben of Bayern Munich. These two players will be key to Dutch success at the World Cup, and they are eager to show the world that the team from Holland is ready for World Cup Victory.

The bright orange colors of the Holland soccer jersey will be visible for miles around come kickoff day of this year's FIFA World Cup. Fans will be dressed to impress, so make sure to show your support for this European underdog with official fan gear from Soccer Box. Pick up some team colors for the whole family and enjoy all the fun of this year's World Cup together.