The Honduras national soccer team is not one known for its stellar performances in the World Cup. In fact, the white and blue colors of the team's Honduras football shirts have only had any sort of presence at the World Cup twice. On both occasions, the team exited from contention after the group stage.

Most teams thrive on cheers from the crowd, and considering Brazil's relatively close proximity to Central America, Honduras could have a larger contingent of fans at this year's World Cup than many other teams. This year's World Cup Honduras football shirts are the perfect garb for that contingent to wear, white and blue jerseys manufactured by Joma, made with comfortable DRY MX technology, and boasting the Honduras "H" crest.

All of these factors are perfect for making the Honduras 2014 World Cup home jersey not only a good choice of clothing for the hot and humid conditions likely to be present in Brazil during the June and July run of the World Cup, but they are also a great way to instill inspiration in the Honduras team. And given Honduras World Cup history, "inspiration" may be the thing that the Honduras team needs most.

Honduras Football Shirts

Honduras World Cup History

When the Honduras national soccer team takes the football pitch in Brazil this summer, it will be only the third time that the team has appeared in a World Cup tournament.

The first took place in 1982, when Honduras was drawn into a group with Spain, Northern Ireland, and Yugoslavia. While Spain wasn't the powerhouse team then that it is now, the Spaniards were still the World Cup hosts in 1982 and thus had home field advantage. Ultimately, Spain and Northern Ireland advanced, while Honduras and Yugoslavia were eliminated in the first round.

Ironically, though, it wasn't Spain or Northern Ireland that defeated Honduras, but Yugoslavia. In fact, the Honduras team made a bit of a splash at the 1982 World Cup, drawing its matches with both Spain and Northern Ireland. Despite this, a loss against Yugoslavia left Honduras as the only team in the group without a win, guaranteeing elimination.

It wouldn't be until 2010 that Honduras football shirts would again be seen in the stands of a World Cup. Again Honduras was drawn into a group with Spain (as well as with Chile and Switzerland), and again the team was eliminated without winning a single game. A 0-0 draw against Switzerland showed that Honduras had defensive prowess, but failed offensive fronts in the matches against Spain and Chile left the team again at the bottom of the group.

2014 Chances

Now, with Honduras enjoying its first ever consecutive World Cup qualification, fans are hoping that the Honduras 2014 World Cup home jersey will signify a change in fortunes for the team. At last, Honduras won't face Spain in the first round, this time drawing into Group E with Switzerland, Ecuador, and France.

None of those teams will be easy opponents, and Honduras is indeed the lowest ranked of the four (though all are currently situated in FIFA's top 30). The highest ranked team is Switzerland an opponent that Honduras drew with last time around while the easiest target is Ecuador. Honduras will face both in "home" matches, on June 25 and 20 respectively.

If you are going to cheer for Honduras in both of those matches, or in any other games that the team may play at this year's World Cup, then you should get your team spirit pumping early. Soccer Box has several Honduras football shirts for you to choose from.