thinking footballAs everyone grows up we start to make our own choices, this usually applies when choosing your favourite football team to support. Some families are extremely passionate about their football team and want their own children to follow them and support the same football team as them. A lot of pressure can be put on to children to support a certain team, some people take their children to football matches young so that they are bought up with supporting that team.

As children grow older they have more freedom to make their own choices, most people change which football team they support. Often you will get 'glory hunters' these kind of football supporters will back whoever is winning at the time. Others will support a number of different teams, they may move from place to place but still support the same team that they grew up with.  Many people will collect football kits as young children and keep them until they are older, this may help them to decide who they want to support. It can be a hard choice for some people with the pressure from family and friends to support the same team as them.  Many people who support football the old school way will tell you that you should always support the team that you are bought up with, however nowadays people choose to support the most glamorous of teams in the top flight.

Another way of choosing a football team to support is to watch a few games and see which team you would rather watch again, which team seems more interesting, do you have a favourite player out of a certain team? These kinds of questions will help you to choose a football team to support. You can usually find information out online about each football team, if you are interested and want to know more about an individual team then go to any football webpage and you can find out plenty more information about clubs and players. If you do find that you want to support a team then there are a variety of places and shops that you can buy football kits and shirts from. Another great experience that comes with supporting a club is visiting their stadium to watch a live match. Ticket prices can vary and some are pricey but it all depends on which club you support.

Everyone is individual and the football team that you choose to support is completely up to you, some support top flight teams, some the teams from the lowest leagues. There is no right or wrong team to support, just do what feels best for you.

Do you think that there is too much pressure on children to support the team that their families do?

Let us know your thoughts; we would love to hear from you.

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