Are you struggling to find the best gift to get your soccer mad loved one? Then look no further than this article, as we have put together 10 fantastic ideas for presents which you can get your family and friends. From merchandise and sportswear adorned with their favourite club’s crest, to experiences and football gear, you are certainly going to feel inspired. The following is a breakdown of the topics mentioned within this blog post:

  1. Team Kits and Training Wear
  2. Team Souvenirs and Accessories
  3. Shin Guards
  4. Goalkeeper Gloves
  5. Football
  6. Match Ticket/Season Pass
  7. Stadium Tour
  8. Poster
  9. Football Boots
  10. Coached Training Sessions

Team Kits and Training Wearpresents football fanatics team kits

A fantastic gift for supporters is to invest in a kit or training apparel with their favourite team’s emblem woven on to the chest. This will therefore have them feeling like their idols as they cheer them on during their home and away matches this season wearing the official replica sportswear. Plus having the option to print names and numbers to the rear of most Premier League kits for a small fee is an excellent way of making this jersey feel extra special. They can also replicate the feeling of the players as they perfect their skills ahead of the fixtures by donning matching training clothing to their practices.

Team Souvenirs and Accessories

Another great novelty gift idea for your loved one would to be purchasing them an item of merchandise with their favourite club’s crest on the front. From water bottles to gym bags, you can update their everyday essentials with items to show off their team spirit easily. They will love using their new gear and will feel a sense of pride when using these accessories in their day to day life.

Shin Guards

If the recipient of your gift loves playing football as well as watching it, shin guards will be a fantastic addition to their kit bag. Be sure to get the right length depending on whether you are ordering for an adult or child before checking out. From brands like Nike and Adidas as well as team gear, you have a wide variety to choose from here at Soccer Box.

Goalkeeper Gloves

Young kids to adult’s sizes are available on our array of goalkeeper gloves. These would make the perfect gift for any aspiring goalie as their inbuilt protection will keep them well covered during play. And the improved grips on the palms found on most high quality pairs of gloves prevent any occurrences of a dropped ball. Take a look at our variety of branded and team goalie gloves today!

Football present ideas football fanatics footballs

Keeping on top of the latest styles and technologies are vital when it comes to footballs. And this is why we stock a range of premium quality footballs in a number of sizes for different levels and ages. All are supplied deflated, you will be able to inflate the ball before wrapping using a pump and following the guidelines on the ball. The following sizes can be found on our site:

  • Size 1 – Designed for all ages to be able to practice intricate skills such as keepie uppies.
  • Size 3 – Suitable for ages 8 and younger, this ball is much smaller to cater to a beginner’s level.
  • Size 4 – Targeted at ages 8 to 12 years, this ball is an excellent choice for intermediate players.
  • Size 5 – This is the size used by the professionals and is ideal for teens over 13 years old to adults.

Match Tickets/Season Passes

If you are after a gift which just keeps on giving for the avid football supporter in your life, match tickets or a season pass is a fantastic idea for a gift. Enabling your loved one to be able to watch their idols in action is possibly one of the highest goals on their bucket list. So by presenting them with a ticket to watch a match at their home grounds or even a season pass to watch as many as they want during the year, they will be forever grateful for the experience.

Stadium Tour

Another exceptional idea for a present would be to book them onto a tour of their favourite soccer team’s home stadium. Most venues allow you to purchase them online, or alternatively you can get them a gift voucher to choose a day which suits them. This is an outstanding present as your loved one will be able to walk through the very places their idols have and even have a sneak peek into their changing rooms where they celebrate and commiserate their wins and losses.


Perfect for bedrooms and dorm rooms, a poster would be a great idea for children and teens alike. By getting them one displaying their favourite player or their team’s stadium would be a great choice. Therefore they will be able to show off their club pride in the comfort of their own home as well as feeling a sense of motivation if the player is someone they idolize in terms of skills and training ethic.

Football Bootspresents football fanatics boots

If your loved ones boots are looking a bit battered and worn out or they are new to the soccer scene and are lusting after a new pair of boots, these would make a superb present. Boots are one of the most important pieces of kit for players as they improve their grip against the terrain and want to be as comfortable as possible to prevent injury during play. Below is a variety of the most popular boots available to order for a range of price budgets:

  • Nike Tiempo Legend VII or 360
  • Adidas Predator 18+
  • Puma Future 18.1 NetFit
  • Nike Mercurial Superfly V or 360
  • Umbro Speciali Eternal Pro
  • Puma Esito Classico
  • Adidas F10 FG
  • Adidas Predator Absolado Instinct
  • Nike CTR360 Libretto III FG
  • Puma EvoSpeed 5
  • Messi 16.4 FXG

Coached Training Sessions

Signing your child up to specialised coaching sessions would be a great idea for those who wish to pursue a career in the sport. Most teams require try-outs, but you can get them involved with their local recreational centre’s activities as a good starting point. Or alternatively if they want to look into coaching or becoming a referee, there is an array of courses available depending on their ages. You could even look into buying them an experience at a local soccer camp to perfect their skills further.

Have we Helped You?

As we have explored the top 10 gifts for football fans this festive season, we want to know if we have inspired you in anyway. We all know how stressful shopping at this time of year can be, so let us know if we have been able to assist you with this task by getting in touch on social media! Be sure to take a look at Soccer Box where you will find football shirts and kits for hundreds of club and national teams, as well as must-have accessories; fill your cart with all of the things on your list now!

This article was written exclusively for Soccer Box by Loren Astbury