It's been a whirlwind few years for Inter Milan, especially on the international cup circuit. After a five year streak spent dominating Italian football, Internazionale reached the next level during the 2009 2010 season, winning the Serie A trophy, the Coppa Italia, the Supercoppa Italia, the FIFA Club World Cup, and the UEFA Champions League. It was about as near to a perfect season as any soccer club could have, and it made Inter Milan Nike accessories and gear very popular for a time.

Unfortunately, Internazionale's peak year of 2010 also seemed to be the end of their golden age. The soccer squad hasn't won any of the aforementioned titles since that season, and their placement on the Serie A standings table has fluctuated in recent years. It even dipped as low as ninth place in 2013, just a few years after the golden run described above. But could 2014 2015 be the season where it all turns around? If you think so, stop by Soccer Box today and pick up an Inter Milan Nike allegiance backpack 2014 2015, or check out our other Internazionale football accessories!

International Cup Hopes

It's too early right now to tell if Milan stands a reasonable chance of contending for a title in the 2014 2015 Serie A trophy. Come May of next year, though, it will have officially been half a decade since the soccer club's last domestic football title, so a win next spring would be poetic.

Right now, football fans are collecting their Inter Milan Nike accessories with another hope: that of an international title. It's also been five years since Internazionale won a European cup event, and many of the team's supporters feel that it's high time for a return to the winner's circle. Hopes are pinned on wearing the team backpack to the penultimate game this year!

Inter Milan's chances this season are in the Europa League, a soccer title that the team hasn't won since the late 1990s. After not qualifying for any cup events last year, Internazionale's return to international play has been exciting for fans to watch.

Those football fans have been showing their support with fun accessories like the Inter Milan Nike allegiance backpack 2014 2015, and the Inter squad has been responding well. The team is currently in the lead for 2014 2015 UEL group F, which also includes Ukrainian club Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, Azerbaijan soccer team Qarabag, and French footballers, Saint-Etienne.

The Group Stage

So far, four of the six group stage matches have been played. Of those fixtures, Milan has won two and drawn two. Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk and Qarabag, meanwhile, have each dropped one match apiece. Saint-Etienne has yet to lose a group stage game, but also has yet to win: the football squad currently has four draws.

The solid record has made supporters excited to show their allegiance with Inter Milan Nike accessories. That allegiance has helped Internazionale clinch victories against Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk (a 1-0 away win, thanks to a late-game goal from defender Danilo D'Ambrosio) and Qarabag (a 2-0 at-home triumph, with goals from D'Ambrosio and forward Mauro Icardi). Inter has also played two matches with Saint-Etienne, both of which ended in draws.

The two wins and two draws have earned Milan eight points in Group F standings, heading into the final two matches of the group. The other three teams are all trailing behind, with four points apiece. In other words, as long as Inter does not fall to pieces in the remaining matches, the club will head to the knockout phase of the 2014 2015 UEL tournament.

The first of those fixtures will be held on November 27th, and will see a rematch between Inter Milan and Dnipro. The second will be played on December 11th, and will pair Inter and Qaragag one more time. These two fixtures will be the last Europa League games Milan plays this year, so fans will want to have the Inter Milan Nike allegiance backpack 2014 2015 ready to cheer on their team!

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