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  1. Inter Milan look to boost Serie A title hopes

    Juventus might be steamrollering their way back toward the top of Serie A in Italy, but they'll have work to do to claim another Scudetto with two or three teams looking capable of challenging them after the Turin side's poor start to the campaign.

    One of those is Inter Milan, looking strong and balanced if not terribly entertaining under Roberto Mancini, but the Nerazzurri could ideally benefit from one or two alterations in January to push them closer to the top and prevent points slipping through the net-as happened in the recent disappointing, though arguably undeserved, 1-0 reversal at home to Sassuolo.

    Inter have good depth through most of the spine of their team and manager Mancini has options in attack, but one or two additions or alterations can make such a difference over the second half of

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  2. What areas Serie A teams should invest in

    By Matthew Amalfitano.

    The transfer window is almost upon us and Italian clubs are already on hot pursuit of talented players to reinforce their respective squads for the second half of the season. After slow starts, Napoli and Juventus find themselves within the first four places. Leaders Inter and Fiorentina have perhaps been the most surprising of the top teams while Roma and Milan round out the top six.

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    Here's an overview of what areas clubs should invest in during the January transfer window:


    Roberto Mancini arrived in November of last year to replace Walter Mazzarri and quickly began to form the squad of his liking in the subsequent transfer window. Further additions were introduced

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  3. Juventus Just Three Points off the Lead as Serie A Heads to Winter Break

    For the first part of the 2015/16 Serie A season, it seemed as if Juventus' reign at the zenith of Italian soccer was about to come to an end. The Zebras entered the season as just about the surest bets in the world: not only were they carrying four consecutive Serie A titles (and going for a fifth), but they were also the reigning holders of the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa Italia, and were fresh off a runner-up finish in the UEFA Champions League.

    And yet, when Juventus kicked off their 2015/16 campaign, they didn't look like the decorated football club they are. Week one brought a 0-1 loss against Udinese-and at home, no less. Week two and week three were hardly better, bringing a loss against Roma and a draw with Chievo, respectively. The Zebras finally won a game roughly a month into the season, winning 2-0 at Genoa. But subsequent losses

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  4. Inter's attack beginning to become more lethal through Ljajic

    We've seen the stats. Eight 1-0 scorelines out of 10 total wins. Fewest chances created among the division's top sides; fewest shots on goal when compared to those teams as well.

    But despite yet another single goal margin victory against Genoa on Saturday, Inter supporters should be pleased by the on-the-field strides that are being made as displayed by the last few matches.

    Roberto Mancini inherited his former side in November of 2014 and wasted no time in the subsequent transfer window to begin forming the team of his liking. Unfortunately, ensuing performances weren't spectacular and the Nerazzurri finished eighth, missing out on European play this season.

    Likened to the catenaccio days of Fabio Capello's Milan, Mancini's style isn't one for the neutrals looking to be oohed and awed they'll have to turn to Maurizio Sarri's Napoli or Paulo Sousa's Fiorentina to receive that delight.

    No, Mancini has trusted his old ways and implemented his preferred tactics

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  5. Fiorentina Hold on to Top Spot and Juventus Continue Their Climb in Serie A 2015/16 Week 12

    Serie A 2015/16 week 12 saw Fiorentina maintaining their top slot, Inter Milan retaining a strong second-place position, and Juventus continuing their climb up the table, among other things. All of the "major contenders" in Italy won their matches this past weekend, ratcheting up the competitive tension at the top of the table even further. Now, with a break this coming weekend for Euro 2016 play, each of these clubs will have a chance to take a deep breath and reassess their plan of attack for the remainder of the calendar year.

    Fiorentina continue to impress in the 2015/16 Serie A. Though they've lost three of their 12 games so far, the Lilies have also won nine-more than any other soccer team in the league. The football club's win this past weekend-a 2-0 away game triumph against Sampdoria-kicked their goal difference up to +15 and served as insurance to protect their leading position.


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  6. Inter Milan Top Roma in Key Serie A Fixture

    My what a difference a week makes. In the Italian Serie A, the 2015 2016 season has been thoroughly unpredictable so far, and this past weekend's fixtures did nothing to solidify things at the top of the table. Last week, AS Roma were leading the way following a 3-1 home win against Udinese. This weekend, Inter Milan top Roma in one of this season's key Serie A fixtures to take 2nd place in league standings, forcing AS Roma into 3rd.

    Indeed, unlike in other European soccer leagues, where clear frontrunners have begun to emerge (Manchester City and Arsenal in the Premier League; Real Madrid and Barcelona in the La Liga; Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga), the Serie A is a jumble of four clear contenders at the top of the table. Roma and Inter Milan are two of them while the others are Fiorentina and Napoli.

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  7. Fiorentina Flourish, Juventus Collapse in First Eight Weeks of Serie A

    During the 2014 2015 Serie A season, as they collected a fourth consecutive league title, Juventus won 26 games, drew nine, and only lost three. This season, during the first eight weeks of Serie A 2015 - 2016 competition, Juve have already tallied three losses and have only collected three wins. The poor record has put the Zebras all the way back at 14th place in the Italian league standings, a far cry from the leading position they were expected to once again occupy all season.

    Whether or not Juventus have any chance at rallying and getting back to the winner's circle this season depends on who you ask. Undoubtedly, though, the collapse of Italian football's most recent dynasty has created some interesting narratives in the 2015 2016 Serie A.

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    Fiorentina: Finally

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  8. Inter Milan in the Lead after Month One of 2015 - 2016 Serie A

    Well, this is certainly an unexpected turn of events. A month and four matches into the 2015 2016 Italian Serie A, reigning league champions Juventus FC are nowhere to be found in the top 10, and Inter Milan are in the lead. Juve, of course, have won the past four Serie A titles. They are coming off a great season where they clinched the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa Italia and reached the finals in the UEFA Champions League. Internazionale, meanwhile, came in eighth place last season and have experienced a real rough path over the past few years. Everything, after month one of 2015 - 2016 Serie A appears to be upside down.

    The Downfall of Juventus

    It was pretty clear Juventus were headed toward trouble this summer when three of their best players-Carlos Tevez, Arturo Vidal, and Andrea Pirlo-all transferred to different football clubs. The Zebras still held on to a few of their biggest names (Gianluigi Buffon, Paul Pogba,

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  9. Inter Milan Triumphant in San Siro Derby 2015

    Internazionale left San Siro with the bragging rights on Sunday, September 13th, beating their local rivals (and fellow stadium tenants) AC Milan 1-0 in a high-profile San Siro derby 2015 match. The two Milan football clubs may not be what they once were nowadays. They finished eighth (Inter) and 10th (AC) respectively in the 2014 2015 Serie A. That's a far cry from the champion (AC) and runner-up (Inter) slots that they had occupied just four years earlier. Still, even with Milan's soccer teams having hit rough patches at more or less the same time, the derby games between them remain fierce, high-profile rivalry battles. Sunday's match was no exception.

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    May the Better Team Win

    Last season, it was nearly impossible to tell which Milan squad was the better

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  10. International Champions Cup 2015 China: A Recap

    Real Madrid won their second International Champions Cup title in a week on July 30th, beating AC Milan in a hard-fought penalty kick shootout to claim victory in the International Champions Cup 2015 China incarnation of the football tournament. Just days before, on July 24th, the Vikings had beaten Manchester City 4-1 to clinch the Australian incarnation of the 2015 ICC.

    Unfortunately, Real aren't participating in the third and final edition of this year's International Champions Cup, which is currently taking place in North America and Europe. Still, two tournament victories in a single month is nothing but good news for the 2014 2015 La Liga runners-up, and shows that Cristiano Ronaldo and company haven't lost a step in the transition from Carlo Ancelotti to new manager, Rafael Benitez.

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    The China ICC

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