Starting on the 20th July and running for 3 weeks, the International Champions Cup tournament is a fantastic way to get in the mood for the upcoming soccer seasons worldwide. As the winners have now been announced and celebrated, we have most certainly got a taster as to what is in store in the tournaments on the horizon.

Within this blog post we will have a look at the performance of the trophy winners, the clubs overall and look into the most outstanding player during the games. With this analysis we are able to picture how the rest of the games will pan out this time round, and see which clubs need to give it their all to redeem themselves from their play during the International Champions Cup.

Tottenham Hotspur Win the International Champions Cup

Out of the 3 matches played against Roma, Barcelona and Milan, Tottenham Hotspur managed to successfully net themselves 7 goals and thus winning the trophy. Closely behind them were Borussia Dortmund who acquired 6 goals overall.

When looking at how the matches played out for Spurs, their most successful play was against Roma where they won 4-1. Scoring this impressive total and netting 2 each within the match were Llorente and Lucas who have only played with Tottenham since the 17/18 season.

However, on the flip side, the most competitive match Spurs had to face was against Barcelona where they managed to tie at 2 all thanks to Son and N’Koudo. But unfortunately when it came to penalties Barcelona managed to successfully net 5 whereas Tottenham only scored 3 after the miss by Georgiou.

Most Impressive League Teams

Out of the 18 clubs which took part in this tournament, there was a decent mix of clubs from across Europe. However, when looking at how each league team performed, we are able to see which will be the most successful series of tournaments to watch this season? Below is a quick breakdown of how each club played.

Serie A

  • Inter Milan – Winning 2 out of 3 games, Inter Milan lost out on penalties to Chelsea. However, they still managed to net 3 goals across all matches which landed them third place.
  • Juventus – Out of the 3 matches they only won 2 however, Juventus managed to acquire 4 goals.
  • Milan – Netting 2 goals during their fixtures, Milan had one of the most intense games against Manchester United where after going to penalties MUFC won 9-8.
  • Roma – Within their matches Roma scored an impressive 6 goals. And their most outstanding achievement was beating Barcelona 4-2.


  • Lyon – Replacing Sevilla after they pulled out, Lyon performed averagely. Winning only 1 match 3-2, Lyon unfortunately was unable to score against the likes of Chelsea and Inter Milan.
  • Paris Saint-Germain – Securing 5 goals, PSG only managed to acquire 1 win out of the 3 matches, and this one was against Atletico Madrid.


  • Benfica – Scoring 5 goals during the games, their most impressive match was against second place winners BvB where they drew at 2 all then won on penalties 4-3.


  • Bayern Munich – Successfully scoring 5 goals within their fixtures, FCB’s best performance was against PSG where they won 3-1. And their worst was VS Juventus where they did not score at all.
  • Borussia Dortmund – Acquiring a 3-1 win against Liverpool, this was the most successful match BvB had this tournament.

La Liga

  • Atletico Madrid – Their best play was against Arsenal where they won 3-1 on penalties.
  • Barcelona – The most competitive match seen was against the winners – Spurs where they drew 2 all but won 5-3 on penalties.
  • Real Madrid – Achieving a 3-1 win against Juventus and a 2-1 win against Roma were their best matches.

Premier League

  • Arsenal – Winning 5-1 against PSG is an outstanding achievement of theirs along with the 6-5 penalty win against Chelsea.
  • Chelsea – Although they drew 0-0, Chelsea won on penalties against Lyon 5-4.
  • Liverpool – Their best turnout was against Manchester United where they scored 4 goals to MUFC 1.
  • Manchester City – Losing to Liverpool and Dortmund, MCFC won against Bayern Munich by scoring 3 goals.
  • Manchester United – Out of the 3 games, their most impressive performance was against AC Milan where they won 9-8 during penalties.
  • Tottenham Hotspur – Winners of this season International Champions Cup, they beat the likes of Roma and Inter Milan but unfortunately lost to Barcelona after an intense penalty session.

Outstanding Players

Throughout the tournament there has been a very impressive performance from all sides, however there have been a certain few individuals who stood out the most. Scoring 3 goals each within their fixtures were Real Madrid’s Asensio and Arsenal’s Lacazette. And both of these significant players also managed to achieve two of the three goals each within the same match. For Asensio this was seen during their match against Juventus and for Lacazette it was against Paris Saint-Germain.

As well as these key players, there were also a few team members who managed to net 2 goals consecutively within the same match and these were: Juventus’ Favilli against Bayern Munich, Dortmund’s Philipp against Benfica, Spurs’ Llorente and Lucas against Roma and finally, Man City’s Silva against Bayern Munich.

What Does This Tell us About the Season Ahead?

Above we have taken a look at how each team has performed within the International Champions Cup tournament. And after this analysis of the plays, who do you think showed the best skills out on the pitch? And what are your predictions for the forthcoming soccer league’s seasons? Let us know over on social media where you can chat to us directly or join in the conversation with other football fans across the globe.

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This article was written exclusively for Soccer Box by Loren Astbury,