1. Reviewing the Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    After the nail biting performance of the national teams during the international tournament earlier this year, the run up to release of the Euro 2020 schedules were greatly anticipated by fans worldwide. Therefore as earlier this week the fixtures and groupings for the UEFA European Championships Qualifiers 2020 were announced, we thought we would put this article together for our readers. This blog therefore covers how the groups have been drawn and who are expected to be the ones to beat.

    What the Euro 2020 Qualifying Groups Look Like

    In advance of the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament, the qualifiers are to take place in order to determine which 24 teams advance to the Championship. The qualifying tournament runs in addition to the brand new 2018/19 UEFA Nations Cup, which offers an alternative route to qualification for the 2020 tournament. Here is the breakdown of each country that is eligible for a place in the upcoming games and who they are playing against in their groups:

    • Group A – England, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo
    • Group B – Portugal, Ukraine, Serbia, Lithuania, Luxemburg
    • Group C – Netherlands, Germany, Northern Ireland, Estonia, Belarus
    • Group D – Switzerland, Denmark, Republic of Ireland, Georgia, Gibraltar
    • Group E – Croatia, Wales, Slovakia, Hungary, Azerbaijan
    • Group F – Spain, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Faroe Islands, Malta
    • Group G – Poland, Austria, Israel, Slovenia, FYR Macedonia
    • Group H – France, Iceland, Turkey, Albania, Moldova, Andorra
    • Group I – Belgium, Russia, Scotland, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, San Marino
    • Group J – Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Greece, Armenia, Liechtenstein

    Previous Winners of the Euros Championship

    Established in 1960, the UEFA Euros is going into their 15th tournament during 2020. This means that there have been a range of winners who have already fought vali

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  2. Everything You Need to Know About the Nations League 2018/19

    At the moment the national teams are currently battling it out on the football pitch to win the new Nations League trophy. And with the extra bonus of four places in the Euro tournament in two years’ time up for grabs, the anticipation to succeed in Nations League is high.

    As this is a very new tournament we wanted to put this post together to cover all of the need to know information about the ongoing games. From how the season is scheduled to who are the strongest teams so far, read below to find out all the latest info.

    What is the Nation’s League?

    The Nations League was first set-up in 2018 as an alternative way for national teams to acquire a place in the Euros, and replaced the current friendly matches for competition matches. This series of matches will take place every two years on the run-up to the next European league tournament.

    How the Nations League works is that all 55 national teams will be split into 4 leagues depending on their skill levels and successes. By having these matches tiered this way, it will make the games much fairer between the teams as they will be against similar performing clubs. Therefore, this eliminates any mishap with higher ranking teams pitted against lower ones.

    Then within these leagues they are split again into groups of 3 and 4. From here each country plays at home and away with their assigned competition. These matches have been scheduled to take place in September, October and November 2018.

    When the winners of each group have been decided, the top teams in B, C and D will be promoted and the lowest in A, B and C will be demoted. From here the clubs will play again until June 2019 where the top 4 teams from league A will fight for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

    Impact on Euro 2020

    In addition to establishing the top 4 teams in the Nations League, this tournament also gives the opportunity of 4 countries to win a p

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  3. Euro 2016 Group Stage Predictions

    The 2016 UEFA European Championship won't get underway until June 10th of next year. As of early December, though, the group stage draws for the tournament are set. With 24 teams spread across six groups, which countries will rise and which will fall in the first round of this prestigious football tournament? Read on to check out our predictions for each of the six groups.

    Buy European National Jerseys

    The Group: A
    The Teams: France, Romania, Albania, Switzerland
    The Likely Outcome: France are the natural frontrunners here. In addition to being the tournament hosts, France are also the only soccer team in this group that have won a previous European Championship title-let alone two. France won in both 1984 (also at a tournament they hosted) and 2000 and have had a fairly solid year, friendly-wise. Romania went undefeated in the qualifiers but picked up five draws out of their 10 matches. If there's a threat here, it could be Albania, a Euro debutante team that won a friendly against France in June. Don't discount Switzerland, though: they scored more goals in the qualifiers (24) than Romania and Albania combined (21).

    The Group: B
    The Teams: England, Russia, Wales, Slovakia
    The Likely Outcome: This one seems fairly cut and dried. England, fresh off a perfect 10-game winning streak in the qualifying rounds, should win the draw handily. Russia have the next highest seeding (and the most Euro experience, with 10 previous tournaments under their belts), but the likely second-place team is Wales. Another debutante team, the Welsh soccer squad have the passion and hunger that Russia don't right now. Plus, they've got Gareth Bale.

    The Group: C
    The Teams: Germany,

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  4. O'Neill Set to be Named Manager of the Ireland.

    The Irish national football team is currently without a manager since Giovanni Trapattoni resigned earlier this year after failing to secure the teams qualification for the World Cup that will be held next summer in Brazil.

    The Ireland home soccer jersey 2013 utilises the colours of the Irish flag.  The top and socks are usually green in colour, the shorts are white. Orange trim is often integrated to fully use the counties national colours.

    The away kit often reverses these colours with a white jersey, however there has been occasions where an orange second choice strip has been chosen instead.

    Since 1994 Umbro has been the official manufacturer of the Ireland soccer jersey. In 2009 a new deal was renegotiated to ensure this partnership would remain in place until at least 2020.

    Unusually for a national squad the Irish kits sport a sponsor. Telecommunications Company '3' adorns the front of the jerseys; however, the team shirts on match day do not feature this icon due to FIFA regulations.

    Giovanni Trapattoni joined as manager of the team that wear the Ireland soccer jersey in 2008. He had an unbeaten spell of 10 games during the 2010 World Cup qualifiers but narrowly failed to qualify.

    His biggest achievement was securing qualification for the 2012 European Championships a feat they had only managed once before throughout their entire history in 1988.

    Trapattoni resigned earlier this year and Noel King was appointed caretaker manager of the players that wear the Ireland soccer jersey, whilst the Irish football association (FIA) made a decision regarding a suitable replacement.

    Historically the FIA has taken its time choosing a replacement and with no imminent World Cup, and qualification for the Euro 2016 tournament not beginning until late 2014 they have had plenty of time

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  5. Ireland Football Jerseys At A Bargain Price

    In one of my previous blogs i spoke about a similar subject, I was describing the fantastic football accessories that are available for fans of the national Ireland team and i spoke about the best places to purchase them from. When it comes to soccer you would not think that there are as many products available as there actually is, you can buy almost any product that you would buy in a standard shop but with your favourite teams decoration on.

    As well as this you can pick from a range of shirts, it is now always the home and away styles available. For teams that have one,  you can also
    purchase the third shirt. Today this is the topic that i am going to be discussing, the Ireland home football jersey.

    Football shirts are often very expensive, especially when they are new releases but you can sometimes pick up a bargain, if you look in all the right places.

    Sometimes you can pick up a jersey for a much cheaper price, this could be down to a general sale or because the shirt is from a previous year.

    For example the Ireland football jerseys would be a great bargain right now. It is on sale and a lot cheaper than the original price.

    Soccer Box offer this fantastic deal so if you support the national team then take a look on their website. You can now get 40% off the Ireland home football jersey from the year 2011-2013.  This is an amazing offer and stock will not last long.

    The soccer jersey comes in the classic green colour with a two-toned design, there are also some tidy gold trims w

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  6. Ireland Soccer Souvenirs Make The Perfect Gift

    Football is now at a huge high in terms of popularity, more and more soccer merchandise is being purchased each day.

    This inIreland Football Accessoriescludes the replica football shirts that are worn by the players on match day, a lot of money is made from the sales of soccer jerseys, they are in high demand at the moment and even more so when new releases are put on sale at the beginning of every season.

    Training kits are another popular type of item, these can include items with a lower value such as a training top and items which are much more expensive like official football tracksuits which can vary in price and are usually around the £70+ mark.

    However there is another category which i would like to discuss in my article, football souvenirs and accessories, yes these are very popular and are perfect for Birthdays and Christmas.

    For example Ireland football accessories are specifically designed for Ireland fans are a fantastic way of showing your support.

    Football Accessories can vary in price, some expensive and some a little less, it all depends what you are looking for. Some teams can offer a range of different accessories from small gifts such as an Ireland crest gym bag to something much dearer like a quilt cover or pair of curtains.

    For most people, we always have some sort of idea of what we are going to buy them but we all have that one person who is 'hard to buy for'. If this person is a football fan then what better

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  7. Ireland Away Kits are Ideal for Any Loyal Irish Fan!

    In comparison to some national teams such as England and Scotland who played their first international match in 1872 the Irish national team are relatively new. They played their first matches during the Olympic Games of 1924. The Republic of Ireland is a proud country with a rich heritage and a loyal fan base for their football team. Jerseys such as the Ireland away football shirt are popular amongst Irish fans. 

    Traditionally the Ireland away kits have featured a white shirt with green shorts. The home kit is always a green jersey, with white shorts.

    Occasionally the second strip colours deviate to feature an orange colour scheme. These green, white and orange colours are traditional of the country and feature in the three stripe design of its flag.

    A brand new Ireland away football jersey has been released for 2013. It is a radical design and completely unique. The shirt features black and charcoal coloured vertical stripes.

    It is designed with a traditional polo neck collar and two buttons. Fine white piping, along with white embroidered logos and crests finishes the stunning design. Shop online and order this inspired shirt today!

    The Ireland away kits as well as the home shirts and training wear are manufactured by Umbro. Umbro began making soccer kits in 1934 and first struck a deal with Ireland in 1994, after new terms were agreed in 2009 the deal will remain in place until 2020.

    The Republic of Ireland are the only national soccer squad to have a commercial sponsor, all team wear including the brand new Ireland away kits feature the telecommunications company 'Three' logo.

    As per FIFA regulations the team do not display this sponsorship during international matches but as a loyal fan the jersey that you purchase will feature the logo printed in the centre

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  8. Why Ireland Home Kits are Popular with Irish Americans

    There are a significant number of American citizens who have an ancestral link to Ireland. During the 1800s a large number of Irish people immigrated to America, a recent census reports nearly 12% of the American population to have a link with Ireland. With Irish heritage being very patriotic and a significant increase in the popularity of soccer within the USA the Ireland football jersey is becoming a frequent sight on American streets. 

    Since 1994 Umbro have produced the Ireland football jersey, in 2009 a new deal was signed securing an on-going agreement until 2020.

    The Ireland home kits are traditionally a green shirt with white shorts.  A stylish new away kit has recently been released. The shirt features a subtle charcoal and black vertical striped design.

    The polo neck collar and white logos create an understated design inspired by the team's regeneration with new young players.

    Many international soccer kits do not feature a sponsor as they are not permitted to be displayed during matches by the FIFA Governing Body. The Ireland Home Kits and new away strip are sold with the teams official sponsor telecommunications company Three.

    The €7.5m deal was signed in 2010 for a 4 year period; Three's sponsorship not only covers the national team but also grassroots soccer in the country.

    There is strong sense of culture and heritage surrounding Irish people around the world. Irish Americans whilst enjoying their Americanised lifestyle retain their connection to Ireland.

    Since the 1960s soccer has been steadily increasing in popularity in America and is now the third most played team sport. In terms of support many Irish Americans choose to wear the Ireland home kits as opposed to a USA soccer jersey.

    The Irish National football team played their first match during the S

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  9. Martin O'Neill Is Favourite to be the New Manager of the Ireland.

    The Irish national football team has had little success in international tournaments and competitions. Recently the team has parted company with manager Giovanni Trapattoni, he led them to qualify for Euro 2012 for the first time in 24 years. Recently the team has not been on top form leading to the mutual decision for a replacement to be found.  Despite the ups and downs fan loyalty remains high and products such as the Ireland Jacquard Scarf remain popular. 

    Ireland football shirts and jerseysThe Ireland jacquard scarf is a great product perfect for showing support during the upcoming World Cup qualifier matches. The double sided design features a large central green block featuring an 'Ireland' logo and slogan, on each end are white and orange stripes featuring the counties shamrock symbol. Finished with tassels it will keep you warm whilst watching the match.

    The Ireland football shirts and jerseys are manufactured by Umbro, their current deal is in place until 2020. The home kit utilises the countries famous green and white colour scheme.

    A new home shirt is due to be released soon, an away kit was launched earlier this year. It is a modern black and charcoal polo neck design featuring vertical stripes.  The new kits will be available from the Soccer Box online shop.

    The players that wear the Ireland football shirts and jerseys are currently in the process of qualification for next year's World Cup that will be help in Brazil. They are in Group C alongside Germany, Sweden, Austria, Kazakhstan and Faroe I

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