The Chelsea football club enjoyed a reprieve of sorts last week, winning their first match in the 2015 2016 UEFA Champions League and snagging a Premier League victory against Arsenal. However, after what has been a truly disastrous start to the 2015 2016 season at Stamford Bridge, those two wins alone aren't going to turn things around for the Blues. Indeed, with Chelsea stranded back at 15th place in the EPL, some soccer analysts are even wondering if Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho, is still the right man for the job.

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Mourinho's Track Record

Mourinho has been managing Chelsea since the 2013 2014 season and has a history with the football club that dates back even longer. This stint is the Portuguese manager's second at Stamford Bridge: he previously coached the team from 2004 to 2007, prior to a stint at Inter Milan.

In his two stints at Chelsea, Mourinho has coached the football club to three Premier League titles, one FA Cup, one FA Community Shield, and one Football League Cup. He's also had success with Porto, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid, and is generally (and rightfully) listed among the best managers in the world.

Not that Mourinho has escaped criticism in his time at Chelsea FC. Last season, even when Jose was managing a team that dominated the Premier League from week one to Chelsea Home Shirt 2015 - 2016week 38, he drew criticism for his calculated coaching style. Particularly in the 2014 2015 season, Mourinho's soccer squad tended to play in a conservative manner, attacking early to get the lead, and then switching to a heavily defensive style to maintain it.

Since top European football clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich tended to win games by taking the lead early and then building it further, Mourinho's tactical coaching style stood apart from the pack. It was undoubtedly effective: Chelsea won the Premier League with 87 points, eight points ahead of their closest competitors. But without the high-scoring fireworks that earn teams like Barca and Madrid so much press, Chelsea's play style was often labeled as "boring" by journalists and fans alike.

Thrown to the Wolves?

Because Jose Mourinho has never been the most popular guy in European football, it was something of a foregone conclusion that some people would start calling for his head the moment Chelsea started losing. Lo and behold, we're six weeks into the Premier League season, Chelsea have lost half of their games, and soccer analysts are already throwing Mourinho to the wolves.

To be fair, Jose Mourinho has to shoulder at least some of the blame here. While other Premier League managers were staying busy and making big signings during the summer transfer window, Mourinho largely rested on his laurels. Chelsea spent conservatively this summer and only picked up a few notable transfers-with the late signing of Barca's Pedro being the highest profile. Mourinho also had a very public argument with his club's medical staff back in August and has generally seemed a bit hot-headed in interviews with the press.

Chelsea Adidas Away Shirt 2015 - 2016Still, only six weeks into the Premier League, it is no time for Chelsea to fire their manager and go fishing for someone new. Mourinho has done great things at Stamford Bridge, and he will do great things again. It's entirely possible that Chelsea's poor performance so far has been the result of little more than bad luck and no momentum. After the soccer club's 1-3 loss against Everton on September 12th, Mourinho even noted that "the moment is so negative that everything goes against us."

Now that Chelsea have gotten back-to-back victories, they will hopefully be able to find their feet. Their 2-0 triumph against Arsenal on September 19th was particularly pivotal for the Blues since they'd pretty much been on a bad luck streak since losing to Arsenal in the 2015 Community Shield match. Perhaps the curse has now been broken, and Chelsea can get back to work as one of England's finest soccer teams.

In any case, Tim Rolls, the chairperson of the Chelsea Supporters Trust, has gone on record stating that fans are behind Mourinho completely. You can show your support for the embattled manager as well, by picking up a new Chelsea jersey 2015 2016 at Soccer Box.