With the special one due to announce his return to Chelsea soon I'm asking the question is it a good move? He was Chelsea's most successful manager ever but will he have control issues with Roman Abramovich still holding the purse strings? He definitely has the fans on his side as for years as soon as the current manager has hit a sticky patch they have called for their special one. The team is greatly changed from his first spell in charge but with John Terry still there and Frank Lampard just signing a one year extension to continue wearing his number 8 football shirt, the central spine of "his" team is still there. The newer players bought by other managers, or Abramovich himself, must respect the double winner of the champions league. The first competitive game that he would take charge of would see Him up against his old La Liga enemy Pep Guardiola in the European super cup, and Mourinho would relish reigniting his old rivalry with him. But as far as the Premier League goes who is left for him to battle with? Sir Alex has retired; Benitez has gone, come back to "his" Chelsea of all places and then gone again! They often say you should never go back after you have left, especially as it was acrimonious, but some managers have better second spells just like Stokes Tony Pulis. The big danger for Mourinho is that no matter how good Chelsea perform and how many domestic cups they win, if he does not produce the Champions League trophy within two seasons then he will be considered a failure by many. Money to spend and new faces in a Chelsea football shirt would be high on his agenda, but the rumoured £100m will frighteningly not go very far when looking for the sort of players Mourinho would need to strengthen the already mighty squad. With all of the vacant 'big' managerial posts currently available I can see Chelsea as the only viable option for Mourinho's style, passion and ambition. Having lost the good favour of the Spanish press it was only a matter of time before he moved on and like he admitted himself the English press loves him as they will always have something to write about if he does come back. In summary is it good for him? Yes but it may be his only option. Is it good for Chelsea? Yes but it may be their only option. Will it make for an exciting season next year? Most certainly! What do you think is Jose Mourinho the best man to manage Chelsea? Show your support for Chelsea by buying the new Chelsea Football Shirt from Soccerbox.

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