The Italian national football team had a rough go of it in 2014, failing to reach the knockout phase of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, thanks to a pair of losses against Costa Rica and Uruguay. Things got better toward the end of the year, when they started winning games for the 2016 European Italy 2014 World Cup Away ShirtChampionship qualifiers. Their building momentum hit a snag back in November, though, when they drew 1-1 in a home game with Croatia. And on Saturday, March 28th, in their first competitive match of 2015, they finished with a similar outcome: a 2-2 away game draw with Bulgaria. Help these four-time world champions regain their old killer instinct, with a new set of Italy soccer gear from Soccer Box!

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Italy Football Gear

The Euro 2016 Qualifiers

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At the 2012 European Championship, the Italy national football team finished as the tournament runner-up, behind defending champions Spain. Now, though, the golden age of Spanish football seems to have come to an end, as evidenced by last year's early World Cup elimination. That leaves the championship slot for Euro 2016 wide open, and the Blues are absolutely one of the squads to watch as a potential contender.

At the moment, the Blues are in second place in European Championship qualifying Group H. The group also includes Croatia (the current leaders) and Norway (two points behind Italy), as well as Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, and Malta.

On Saturday, Blues players donned the Italy away jersey 2014 2015 for an away match with the Bulgarians. It was their fifth qualifying game: they've so far racked up three wins (one in a home fixture against Azerbaijan, the other two in away contests with Norway and Malta) and two draws (with Croatia and Bulgaria). That leaves them with 11 points on the Group H standings table-two points behind the Croatian side.

The Bulgarians

Prior to Saturday's away match at the Bulgarian stadium, the Italians were neck-and-neck with Croatia on the standings table. Granted, they were still trailing in terms of goal difference, but fans were still stocking up on Italy soccer gear and rooting for their team to take the lead.

Instead, the Blues got 2015 off to a slow start. The match started out in favor of the Italian away side, with a Bulgaria away goal putting them up 1-0 just four minutes into the contest. But two goals from the Bulgarians within the first 20 minutes of play left Italy flustered and scrambling for an equalizer.

In fact, for much of the game, it looked like the wearers of the Italy away jersey 2014 2015 were going to suffer a surprise loss. Eder Martins finally tied the fixture at 2-2, with a goal at the 84-minute mark. But even though they'd salvaged the game and avoided a loss, the Italy soccer squad was left unpleasantly shaken by Saturday's qualifier. In other words, they'll have to wait for their next fixture to find their momentum again.

The Blues will play their next Euro 2016 qualifier on June 12th, 2015. Get ready for that match-a high-stakes away fixture with Croatia-by stopping by Soccer Box and building up your collection of Italy soccer gear! Remember that we are currently selling the 2014 2015 away jersey for 25% off.