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  1. Didier Drogba Player Profile: History, and Future Possibilities

    Didier Drogba Player Profile Vital Stats:

    Height: Six feet, two inches

    Age: 37 years

    Native Country: Ivory Coast

    Current Club: Chelsea FC
    Tall, talented, and resilient, Didier Drogba has been a consistent presence in the professional association football world for the better part of two decades now. After a low-scoring season at Chelsea FC, though, it looks like Drogba's lengthy and impressive senior career could finally be drawing to a close. With his contract at Chelsea expiring, and no real rumors or speculation about where he could end up next year, it's unclear right now whether Didier is considering retirement or looking to do a brief stint at a less high-profile club before closing the curtain on his senior career. One thing does seem certain, though, and it's that Didier won't wear the Chelsea jersey again after this year.

    Celebrate Didier Drogba's dynamic career history today, with a new football shirt from Soccer Box. Pay tribute

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  2. Ivory Coast Sails to Second Africa Cup of Nations Title

    After the first games of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations, fans of the Ivory Coast national football team were left scratching their heads. After an appearance in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, plus a 2012 Ivory Coast 2014 World Cup Away Shirtrunner-up finish in the Cup of Nations, the Elephants were expected to be a top contender at this year's incarnation of the African soccer competition. And yet, Cote d'Ivoire's first two group stage matches ended as lukewarm draws. It was enough to leave supporters in the Ivory Coast jersey reconsidering their soccer squad's shot at a title.

    Luckily, though, those first two draws were part of the exception rather than the rule. The Ivory Coast national side sailed through the rest of the 2015 Cup of Nations tournament, ultimately clinching their second trophy at the event. (The Elephants first

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  3. Ivory Coast Make It To The Quarter Finals of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations

    Could the Ivory Coast national football team be headed toward its first victory at the Africa Cup of Nations since 1982? The chances for such an outcome are still alive, after the Elephants bested Ivory Coast 2014 World Cup Home ShirtCameroon in a group stage fixture to clinch a spot in the event quarterfinals. Celebrate the early tournament success with a brand new Cote d'Ivoire jersey, available for purchase at Soccer Box.

    Soccer Box has both jersey variations that the Cote d'Ivoire squad will be wearing throughout the Africa Cup of Nations this year. For the team's home fixtures, you'll want the Ivory Coast home shirt 2014 2015, a brilliant orange jersey design from Puma. Equally stunning is the team's ivory green 2014 2015 away shirt. Soccer Box also has player-specific football jersey designs for both Didier Drogba and Yaya

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  4. Ivory Coast Qualifies for Africa Cup of Nations, But Ends 2014 with a Friendly Loss

    In a way, the Ivory Coast national football team ended 2014 with both a bang and a whimper. On one hand, the squad clinched a slot in the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations back in November, finishing in second place in qualifying Group D. On the other hand, they ended the qualifiers with a limp scoreless Ivory Coast 2014 World Cup Home Shirtdraw, and lost their last football fixture of the year-a friendly match against South Africa-in a 0-2 away game. Fans in the Ivory Coast football shirt are hopeful that their national side will look a bit stronger in January 2015, when competition official begins for the biggest soccer competition in Africa.

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  5. Ivory Coast National Football Team Fights for Africa Cup of Nations Qualification

    Qualification rounds are well underway for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations, and the Ivory Coast national football team is working its way through the early rounds. The Elephants finished the 2013 competition with a disappointing quarterfinal exit, Ivory Coast 2014 World Cup Home Shirtand will be aiming to make up for that fact next year. Getting excited for the tournament? You can prepare for the international action now with an Ivory Coast football kit, available at Soccer Box!

    Soccer Box has several football kit items for Cote d'Ivoire, including the Ivory Coast home shirt 2014 2015 that the squad wore in the 2014 World Cup this past summer. The home kit is a plain orange Puma shirt with the Ivory Coast's unforgettable soccer crest: an elephant with a soccer ball! The orange color pays tribute to the country's flag, with the

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  6. Toure 19 Ivory Coast 2014 World Cup Home Shirt to Make a Dent at This Summer's Global Tournament

    Toure 19 Ivory Coast 2014 World Cup Home ShirtWhen Yaya Toure takes to the field for the first time in this summer's FIFA World Cup, wearing his Toure 19 Ivory Coast 2014 World Cup home shirt in the Ivory Coast's opening match against group stage opponents Japan, he will hopefully be riding high on a wave of recent success. Just recently, Yaya Toure's club team, Manchester City, clinched England's Premier League division title for the second time in just three seasons. That fact, combined with what will be Yaya Toure's third World Cup appearance with the Ivory Coast national soccer team, should inspire this star midfielder to the highest heights his career has seen yet.

    Fans who want to be a part of Yaya Toure's hat trick World Cup euphoria should stop by the Soccer Box online store today to check out our selection of Ivory Coast football jerseys. The aforementioned Yaya Toure home jersey is an orange Puma shirt made with comfortable dryCELL technology and boasting both the traditional Ivory Coast "elephant" logo and Yaya Toure's

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  7. Ivory Coast Football Shirt to Make Third World Cup Appearance This Summer

    Until 2006, the Ivory Coast football shirt had never made an appearance at a FIFA World Cup event. This year, however, the Ivory Coast national football team will enjoy its third consecutive World Cup qualification a fact that has marked this small African country as a team to watch.

    Ivory Coast 2014 World Cup Away Shirt

    In celebration of the World Cup qualification, Puma has unveiled the Ivory Coast 2014 FIFA World Cup away jersey, a green shirt boasting the Puma logo on one breast and the team's distinctive elephant crest on the other. The Ivory Coast team is nicknamed "the Elephants," and that fact is reflected on the team's uniforms, all of which you can purchase from Soccer Box in time for the World Cup event.

    A Brief World Cup History

    Prior to

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  8. Ivory Coast Soccer Jersey to Make Only Third Appearance at World Cup in 2014

    The Ivory Coast national football team, commonly referred to as Les Éléphants, is making their third appearance at the World Cup. For the first years of their soccer career fans eagerly wearing the Ivory Coast soccer jersey were disappointed when they did not even enter the competition, and from 1974 to 2002 when they did not qualify. Even when they finally did get to compete in 2006, they did not make it past the group stage.

    Ivory Coast World Cup Home Shirt 2014

    The same happened in 2010 when the football team qualified for the second time. Despite fan's hopes they did not end up making it past the group stage again. However, this year fans want to see a better push, and will be rooting their team on as they wear the Ivory Coast World Cup home shirt 2014, available at Soccer Box. They are ranked 21st

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