Qualification rounds are well underway for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations, and the Ivory Coast national football team is working its way through the early rounds. The Elephants finished the 2013 competition with a disappointing quarterfinal exit, Ivory Coast 2014 World Cup Home Shirtand will be aiming to make up for that fact next year. Getting excited for the tournament? You can prepare for the international action now with an Ivory Coast football kit, available at Soccer Box!

Soccer Box has several football kit items for Cote d'Ivoire, including the Ivory Coast home shirt 2014 2015 that the squad wore in the 2014 World Cup this past summer. The home kit is a plain orange Puma shirt with the Ivory Coast's unforgettable soccer crest: an elephant with a soccer ball! The orange color pays tribute to the country's flag, with the away kit and the green color of the shirt completing the tribute.

Cote d'Ivoire Team History

The IC team is one of the best and most successful football clubs on the African continent, but until 2006, the team had never played in a World Cup. The country has qualified for each FIFA global soccer tournament since then. They've exited during the group stage each time, and each Cup only brought one win, but simply getting there has been the prize for the Cote d'Ivoire national side.

The Elephants have had a good deal more success at the Africa Cup of Nations. While the orange and green colors of the Ivory Coast football kit have only been seen at three different World Cups, the country celebrated its 20th appearance at the Cup of Nations in 2013.

That particular tournament run was cut short when the Elephants lost to Nigeria in the quarterfinals. However, prior to that, the national team had enjoyed quite a run of success at Africa's biggest football event. In 2012, Côte d'Ivoire were the tournament runners-up, losing to Zambia in a deadlocked 0-0 final that came down to extra time and penalty kicks. The Ivory Coast lost the penalty kick shootout 8-7.

Had the Elephants won that match, it would have been their second victory at the Cup of Nations. They won in 1992, beating Ghana in a similarly close final match to the one they played against Zambia 20 years later. In the Ghana game, the score was also 0-0, with the final coming down to penalty kicks. The shootout went 11-10, giving the Ivory Coast the victory.

2014 2015 Qualifiers

The Elephants will look to reach a similar outcome at the upcoming 2015 event. The national soccer squad has been doing good work in the Ivory Coast home shirt 2014 2015 this year, fighting for qualification to their continent's biggest football event.

For qualification, the Ivory Coast was drawn into Group D, alongside Cameroon, Congo, and Sierra Leone. Currently, the country is in third place in their group having played four matches. They will play two more games in 2014 to decide their qualification.

So far, football fans in the Ivory Coast football kit have had both things to cheer about and things to feel sorry about. In September, the squad won their first qualification fixture in a home match against Sierra Leone. Another win came when the country played an away game against the Congo.

Unfortunately, Côte d'Ivoire has picked up a pair of losses along the way. An away fixture saw the team getting crushed by Cameroon 4-1. Interestingly, they also lost their home match against Congo. Usually, teams win at home and lose when they play away. The opposite has been true for the Group D games between these two countries.

All of this means that the last two matches that Côte d'Ivoire will play in 2014 will be instrumental in deciding whether or not they go to the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations. The first of those fixtures is a mid-November game with Sierra Leone.

The match is supposed to be a home match for Sierra Leone, but will likely be played in the Ivory Coast. The Sierra Leone national side is not allowed to host matches, due to the Ebola outbreak in their country. So the Elephants will be playing at home, but not wearing the Ivory Coast home shirt 2014 2015.

Do you think that this African team can still pull things together to qualify for the 2015 African tournament? You can support the squad with a new 2014 2015 Ivory Coast football kit, available now at Soccer Box. We have both home and away versions of the shirt, as well as a few player-specific shirt options.