1. Where to Watch the 2018 World Cup Across the Globe

    It’s nearly that time of year again when football fans crowd around the TV or their mobile phones with ultimate pride in their eyes as they watch their beloved team take to the pitch. This is why the World Cup is such a widely anticipated tournament across the globe as it is such a powerful way of uniting a country.

    Most children’s vivid memories of soccer begin when they watch their national team play. And this feeling of country pride carries on with them into adulthood and is passed on through generations. Making the love of the sport everlasting.

    As the World Cup is a passionate tournament, you will find that most countries will accommodate for streaming the games live from Russia in order for the fans to join in with the action and feel like they are actually there. 

    In this post we will take a look at the time scheduling per zones as well as what channels and applications you can used to watch the games on.

    Match Schedules for Group Sta

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  2. AFC 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualification: Analyzing the Asian Football Confederation Qualifiers

    The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) is interesting: in terms of AFC 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification processes, the AFC qualifiers are nearly as large an undertaking as the UEFA qualifiers. For the 2018 World Cup qualifying competition, UEFA will have 52 teams battling across seven groups of six and two groups of five. AFC, meanwhile, currently has 39 teams competing throughout seven groups of five and one group of four. There would be 40 teams playing, but Indonesia are currently suspended from FIFA, and were therefore disqualified.

    However, despite the comparable size of these divisions, there are 13 slots available in the final tournament for UEFA teams, and only 4.5 slots available for AFC teams. As a result, AFC qualification is a good deal more competitive and complicated than UEFA qualification, involving a longer process with numerous rounds. Needless to say, trying to predict which AFC teams will make it to the World Cup can be a challenging thing-particularly because

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  3. United States Enjoy a Thrilling Triumph at the 2015 Women's World Cup Final

    A FIFA World Cup title continues to elude the United States men's soccer team, but no such problem exists for the country's women's team. On the contrary, the USA women's national team picked up their third trophy at the FIFA Women's World Cup over the weekend, beating Japan in a decisive 5-2 championship match. The 2015 Women's World Cup final victory ends a 16-year tournament title draught for the Americans and puts the USA back on the map in women's soccer.

    The Path to Glory

    Even though the USA hadn't won the Women's World Cup title since 1999, they clearly came to Canada this summer prepared to dominate. Coached by veteran soccer manager Jill Ellis (who also lead the squad to a win at last year's CONCACAF Women's Championship), the United States football team topped their group and burned through the knockouts en route to an explosive final.

    The group stage actually made the USA look weaker than several other

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  4. Japan and Brazil Lead the Way Following Women's World Cup 2015 Group Stage

    The national women's football teams from Japan and Brazil won three games apiece in the Women's World Cup 2015 group stage, establishing themselves as early tournament frontrunners. The FIFA tournament will now move into the knockout stage, with the round of 16 set to begin tomorrow (20th June 2015). Other knockout stage qualifiers include England, the United States, France, Germany, and the Canadian host team.

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    Groups A, B, and C

    The group stage for the 2015 Women's World Cup was split into six groups of four. The top two teams from each qualified to advance to the round of 16, as did the four highest ranked third-place teams.

    Of all the groups in the tournament, Group A likely proved to be the weakest. Despite having the home field advantage,

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  5. Japan Football Shirt Changes Come with a Surprise for Fans!

    The Japan national football team is one of the most successful soccer teams in Asia, and fans of the Japan football shirt are bursting with anticipation for their team's immediate future. That's because their team is headed to Brazil for the biggest event in international sports; the FIFA World Cup. When the games finally kick off in early June, you can expect team Japan's biggest fans to head down to cities like Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paula and Fortaleza to cheer their favorite team to victory on the international stage.

    Kagawa Japan World Cup Home Jersey 2014

    Japan will be participating in their 5th ever World Cup and fans of Zac Japan have never been more excited to see their team competing in the big dance. The team's official kit sponsor, Adidas, has released a

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