Kit manufacturers come up with all kinds of crazy designs at the end of each season. There have been some surprising kit releases ready for the 2013-14 season including the Juventus Away Football Jersey, there is a large range of styles available now, but does the colour of your shirt really suit you?

The majority of kit manufacturers usually tend keep the home kit quite plain and it more often than not comes in the traditional club colors as it usually would, just with different style collars, logos and sponsors. The home kit is one of the most popular strips, usually chosen over the away and third kits. Many people who buy season tickets to watch their favourite team at their home barca-131478ground tend to purchase the home jersey to show team pride, the squad would also be wearing the same shirt.

With the away kits the manufacturers seem to change the designs nearly every season, it is not often an away shirt looks the same as it did the year before. Some brands release very flamboyant designs, there have been some bizarre shirts released over the years. One of last year's brightest jerseys was the Aston Villa away style, this was florescent green and really stood out, this shocked fans and was not as popular in sales numbers as the home shirt. Another surprising jersey was the Barcelona Away shirt, this was bright orange and yellow but did turn out to be a hit with football fans. The Arsenal away shirt was unveiled and had been designed by Nike with black and purple horizontal stripes, this was very different from any previous kits released but was quite bold coloured and a like it or hate it kind of item. Borussia Dortmund, the Bundesliga dark horses, always have that yellow style jersey, this year Puma have shocked us with a bright yellow design with faint black squares in the background.

Purchasing your new jersey can become a hard choice; you may like the away kit that comes in navy blue but hate the design of the home shirt which is styled with bright green and orange stripes. The only problem is you like to wear your home jersey to the match when you visit your favourite stadium, the choice can be very hard and looking at the colour of your football top can be the decider. Some people do not suit bright colours; some people prefer to wear dark colours such as green, blue and black. They may be a passionate supporter and this could put them off buying the new strip.

Another problem is choosing the right colour jersey that will suit your needs throughout each month of the footballing season. In the summer wearing a bright coloured jersey can attract unwanted insects, such as flies, bumble bees and wasps. This can be dangerous for young children in case of bites and stings, so always think about which coloured jersey you should buy for a young football supporter. On the other hand, during the summer months it is a known fact that wearing dark coloured clothes will attract the sun to you, wearing a black shirt for example, would increase your chances of getting burnt and increase sweating.

Another factor to think about is which clothes you are going to wear your new football jersey with? Always think about whether the colour of your soccer shirt is going to clash with your choice of trousers and shoes. It is safe if you are wearing the full kit, including the shorts and socks but for casual wear and for match day clothing pick something simple like a pair of denim light or dark jeans or shorts, along with your shirt and this should go together great. Clashing colours can put you off your football top, wearing a bright red and yellow jersey with beige trousers is not going to go well. A hard one to put with any kind of clothing would be Liverpool's new Away shirt, a white jersey mixed with black red and white details including a load of diamond patterns would hardly be easy to match up with any other clothing.

Would the colour of a jersey put you off purchasing it?
Should manufacturers keep football kits subtle and stop releasing whacky designs?

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