All signs point to the 2014 2015 season being a year of rebirth, rebuilding, and renaissance for the Manchester United football club. After a disastrous season that amounted to one of the worst years in the club's history, Man United is all about "out with the old, in with the new" this year, bringing aboard a new coach, a new captain, and numerous new players to re-Manchester United Kids Home Kit 2014 - 2015energize this legendary soccer stalwart. And now, you can celebrate the new era of Man United football with a junior Manchester United kit that your young son or daughter will love!

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Junior Manchester United Kit

Changes at Manchester United

Despite a disappointing start many football experts, journalists, and analysts are pointing to this season bringing about a revitalization of sorts for the Manchester United football club. A big part of the reason for that is coach Louis van Gaal, who has come aboard this summer and taken control of the club completely.

Van Gaal's coaching style allowed the Netherlands national team to exceed expectations at this summer's World Cup, and Manchester United fans are hoping he will eventually bring the same kind of underdog spirit to Old Trafford. After all, your kids will have a lot more fun running around in the Manchester United kids home kit 2014 2015 if Van Gaal has managed to put together another championship team!

Of course, Van Gaal is doing his best to make such championship hopes a viable option. Already, he's brought new players aboard and is working to shift around the existing squad to match his coaching style. Change takes time though and at present an uphill battle is ensuing.

A New Captain

One of the biggest squad changes this season will be the appointment of Wayne Rooney as club captain. For the past three seasons, Manchester United has been led on the field by center-back Namanja Vidic. Vidic, a nine-season veteran of Man United, left the team after last season with around 300 appearances under his belt. He'll play this year for Internazionale.

Rooney, meanwhile, has been waiting for an opportunity like this for quite some time. A 28-year-old forward who first signed with Manchester United in 2004, Rooney has accumulated 442 appearances and 216 goals for the team, playing a part in many of the club's Premier League victories and other titles along the way.

Rooney is also the all-time leading goal scorer for the England national team, and he even scored his first ever World Cup goal this summer. In short, he's a titan of modern football and will undoubtedly be glad to finally have a leadership position with his long-time club. Just don't be surprised to see your son pretending to be Rooney a few times in the coming year if you buy him a Manchester United kids home kit 2014 2015!

Do you think that Louis van Gaal and Wayne Rooney have what it takes to bring Manchester United back from last year's dismal performance? Do you think Manchester United could win the Premier League this year? Do you want to get your kids interested in soccer? If your answer to any of these questions is "yes," then stop by Soccer Box today and grab a junior Manchester United kit