Then, with the 2011 2012 season, everything turned around. Juventus scored a rousing victory, and has continued to rule the Serie A division ever since, winning their third league title in a row (and their 30th overall, not including the stripped titles) last season. Now, the team is ready for another year of redemptive domination, and the Juventus home shirt 2014 2015 is available at Soccer Box for anyone who wishes to come along for the ride!

A New Dynasty

"Domination" is the only word that can be used to describe the Juventus football squad's incredible performances over the past three seasons. Last season, the team won 33 matches, drew three, and lost only two, beating every other team to the top of the Serie A table by at least seven games. The 2012 2013 season was one in similar runaway fashion. While Juventus only won the 2011 2012 season by a razor sharp margin (they actually had fewer wins than second-place team, Milan), the team's 15 draws and zero losses helped carry them to the title.

Needless to say, the Juventus football club has shown its mettle over the past three years, and now, the team is building a new dynasty of not just victories, but also of players and fans. As far as players are concerned, Juventus has a solid mix of longtime veterans and new talent.

The longest-running veteran donning the Juventus home Kit this fall will be goalkeeper and captain Gianluigi Buffon, who has been playing for Juventus since 2001, and who has made an unbelievable 488 appearances for the team in that time. Similarly prolific players like midfielder Claudio Marchisio (252 apps and 32 goals) and defender Giorgio Chiellini (309 apps and 23 goals) will also be back at Juventus this season.

A number of rising football stars will also be appearing in the Juventus soccer jersey when Serie A starts up again later this month. One of these is Paul Pogba, a 21-year-old French midfielder who came aboard with Juventus two seasons ago, and who has since scored 14 goals in 88 appearances.

Another 21-year-old player, Spain's Alvaro Morata, will be making his debut with Juventus as a striker. Morata more or less sat on the bench for most of his four seasons at Real Madrid, unable to make the starting line-up until last year. However, Morata is doubtlessly a fiercely talented player with his best years ahead of him, and now, it looks like those "best years" will be played at Juventus.

Early Season Fixtures

Can Juventus dominate Serie A for the fourth year running? Will the talents of Alvaro Morata and other new players be a match with the veterans of the squad? These are some of the questions undoubtedly running through the minds of Juventus fans as they don their Juventus home shirt 2014 2015 and prepare for the beginning of a new season.

Answers for both questions will be at least partially provided on August 30th, when Juventus helps commence the new Serie A season in an away match against Chievo Verona. Chievo is not expected to be much of a threat for Juventus, considering the team's finish near the bottom of the league table last year, but simply seeing Juventus back in football action will still be enough to get fans' blood pumping.

Are you planning on being in attendance at that Chievo Verona match, or at any other live Juventus fixtures this fall? Stop by Soccer Box today and grab a new Juventus soccer jersey to show your team spirit!