This past spring, Juventus ended the 2013 2014 season at the top of the Serie A league table for the third year running. It was the best season yet for France's top soccer club, as the team scored a season record of 33 wins, 3 draws, and 2 losses. (Comparatively, the 2011 2012 and 2012 2013 seasons had seen respective records of 23-15-0 and 27-6-5.) Now, Juventus is ready to go for a fourth straight title in Italy's Serie A division, and new Juventus football jersey products are available to mark the occasion.

Indeed, at Soccer Box, we have a full selection of Juventus football gear, including official home and away jerseys, soccer shorts and socks, sweatshirts, polo shirts, and more. Do you have young football fans in your family? Check out the Juventus kids away shirt 2014 2015, an awesome and authentic miniaturized replica of the jerseys that the Juventus players will be wearing at all fixtures played away from Juventus Stadium this year.

The Away Jersey

The kids' away variation of the Juventus football jersey is the perfect piece of football merchandise for young or budding soccer fanatics in your family. It features all the design hallmarks of the beautiful new away jersey that Nike has crafted for Juventus this year-the glowing blue color, the star patterning expanding from the Juventus crest, the sleek yellow trim, the DriFIT technology-and will satisfy your son or daughter with both comfort and visual aesthetic.

Whether your kids like to spend the weekends playing soccer in the backyard or watching football matches on television-or better yet, live-then the Juventus kids away shirt 2014 2015 is a perfect gift for the new season. Find the shirt now at Soccer Box.

The Last Year of Nike

Juventus football club has reportedly signed a contract to make Adidas its new kit manufacturer in 2015, which makes the 2014 2015 versions of the Juventus soccer jersey the last that Nike will make and design.

The end of the Juventus and Nike kit manufacturing partnership is the end of an era of sorts for Juventus fans. After all, Juventus is a club traditionally known for sticking with its kit manufacturers for a long time. Nike has been designing all of the club's jerseys since the 2003 2004 season. Aside from a brief stint with Lotto, from 2000 to 2003, the only other notable kit manufacturer in Juventus history was Kappa, which made the Juventus jerseys from 1979 to 2000.

New Adidas Designs?

In other words, it's likely that Adidas will be sticking around with Juventus for a long time. The arrival of a new kit manufacturer will undoubtedly see a few notable design changes with the Juventus uniforms.

For example, Adidas is known for the three parallel stripes it always puts on the shoulders and down the sleeves of the soccer shirts it designs. It will be interesting to see that design element, as well as other Adidas trademarks, incorporated into the classic black and white zebra stripe pattern of the Juventus home jersey.

However, while it's difficult to imagine how Adidas will dream up a completely new take on Juventus' simple but distinctive black and white vertical stripe pattern, chances are that the biggest changes will come to the away shirt. Already, Juventus away jerseys have changed a lot over the years, moving from a black design in 2012 2013, to a yellow look last year, all the way to the bold and brilliant blue design of this season.

So what's the next evolution for the Juventus away jersey? What will Adidas bring to the table that Nike has not over the past decade? Only time will tell, but now is definitely a great time to pick up the Juventus kids away shirt 2014 2015 and other current Juventus shirts, to mark the end of the Nike era.

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