Juventus is one of the most successful football clubs that has been seen in Italy, and has contributed many great players to the Italian national team. They are the third oldest club in the country, and aside from a single season Juventus Home Shirt 2013 - 2014have spent their entire career in the top of Italian club play, Serie A.  Founded in 1897, the Juventus football shirt has had an incredible amount of success over the years, including 55 official titles that make them more decorated than any other presence in Italian football.

Juventus has achieved a record 29 victories at the Italian League Championship, five of which came consecutively from 1930 and 1935. The team also holds the most Italian Cup wins with nine, not to mention the consecutive-win record for that competition as well. Clearly players wearing the Juventus home kit are formidable opponents to face on the soccer pitch, and in celebration of that fact, you can get an authentic Nike team jersey for yourself at Soccer Box.

The Zebras

Numerous soccer teams and clubs have undergone repeated kit changes over the years, but Juventus is not one of them. The club members have played in their iconic black and white stripes for many years, and continue to wear them proudly to this day. A little known fact about the Juventus club is that even though they have worn the stripes for many years, they did not begin with them. The team actually started in the early days with unsightly pink shirts and black ties, and most fans would consider the change to the current Juventus football shirt a good one.

Due to the black and white stripes, the team has been nicknamed "the Zebras." They also have several other nicknames throughout the course of their history, though none of them are as easily tied to the iconic Juventus home kit. These earlier monikers include "the Girlfriend of Italy" and "the Old Lady," the latter of which is wordplay meant to contrast the meaning of "Juventus" as "youth."

Overall Success

Looking back at the Juventus record, the team is undeniably the most successful club in Italian history. Despite their overall great record though, the club is not without its faults. In 2006 Juventus, along with several other Serie A clubs, was caught with involvement in a match-fixing scandal. After this controversy, the club was briefly relegated down to Serie B as punishment, the first time in the club's history that it was outside of Italy's top division.

Several players left the club after the downgrade. However, other players, including Del Piero and Nedv?d, stayed with the club to bring it back up to its rightful status. As a result of this good faith, Juventus spent only one season in Serie B and quickly returned to their Serie A game-play in 2007.  After their return, the club went through several different managers until they settled on Antonio Conte, who gave the club its first-ever undefeated season. Conte is still with the club today, and has also helped Juventus to establish defensive records (only 20 goals given away in a season) and winning benchmarks (the club's most decisive victory ever, a 5-0 win against Fiorentina).

Even with hiccups in the club's past, the players in the striped Juventus home kit play on to get winning titles. They have also contributed more players to the Italian national team than any other club, and have clearly made an impression on Italian soccer and the widespread pride it inspires.

Pride for the "Old Lady"

Juventus may be nicknamed the "Old Lady," but this year's Juventus football shirt is certainly not old. Soccer Box has the latest styles for every team, including the black and white iconic stripes for home and the yellow Juventus jerseys for away games. Kits, tracksuits, and training tops are available as well, and even hats, scarves, and coffee mugs can be found in the Soccer Box store.