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The New Year

At the end of 2014, fans were beginning to worry a bit about the Juventus squad. December saw the team entering the weakest part of its season by far, with two lukewarm draws (against Fiorentina and Sampdoria, respectively) bringing about a stall in momentum as Christmas approached. Especially compared to the six-game winning streak that had launched the Zebras' season, December saw the wearers of the Juventus jersey stumbling.

Things didn't immediately improve when the squad returned to the pitch in early January. Wearing the Juventus home shirt for a home game against Inter Milan on the sixth day of the year, the Zebras had to settle for yet another disappointing draw. It wasn't a loss, but other teams were still gaining on Juventus in the league standings.

Luckily, the team seems to have found its footing in the month-plus since that disappointing home fixture against Internazionale. The rest of January was all about wins-a 3-1 away win over Napoli, and two shutout home victories against Verona and Chievo.

AC Milan

February got off to a shaky start with a scoreless away game at Udinese. However, this past weekend the Zebras kicked things back into high gear, taking down AC Milan in a 3-1 home game.

Fans filled the home stadium, wearing the Juventus jersey and hoping for an exciting match. After all, while Milan has been struggling recently, the team has still been a strong opponent for the Zebras in the past.

For the first half, the match looked like a classic Juventus-AC Milan rivalry battle. Carlos Tevez gave the home side the lead with a goal at the 14-minute mark. 14 minutes later, AC's Luca Antonelli netted a point to equalize. And three minutes later, Tevez helped put the Zebras back in the driver's seat, providing an assist that defender Leonardo Bonucci converted into a goal.

Those first 31 minutes were about as action-packed as you could expect any soccer game to be. Adrenaline was pumping, both on the field and off of it, and viewers were wondering if this fixture was just going to one long burst of back-and-forth goals.

As it turned out, the game was more about endurance. In spite of a strong start, the AC side seemed to tire in the second half, and wasn't able to score another goal. Meanwhile, the wearers of the Juventus home shirt 2014 2015 held strong, finding another opening at the 65-minute mark to make the score 3-1. (Alvaro Morata was behind the third point.)

The win put the home Juventus side up to 53 points on the 2014 2015 Serie A standings table, with a goal difference rating of +37. Roma is in second place, with 46 points and +19 in goal difference. Napoli is four points back from Roma, while Fiorentina and Sampdoria are in fourth and fifth place, respectively, with 35 standings points.

In other words, the Zebras look pretty comfortable atop the league table, at least for now. Root for the club to keep winning and moving up with a new Juventus jersey, available at Soccer Box. Whether you are looking for a 2014 2015 home shirt, away jersey, third shirt, or training jersey, you can find it here.