The start of July brought a nice little treat for Juventus fans: the unveiling of the new Juventus kits 2015 2016 season. The July 1st announcement saw the launch of both the 2015 2016 home football shirt and the away jersey, both of which were designed by Juve's brand new kit manufacturer, Adidas. (These are the first Juventus kits not made by Nike since 2003.) You can get your hands on both new kit designs today at Soccer Box!

The New Home Kit Design

The 2015 2016 Juventus home shirt is an intriguing twist on the football club's iconic black and white zebra-striped home kits. The vertical stripes on the jersey are notably narrower than they were on last year's version.

Juventus Home Shirt 2015 - 2016In addition, Adidas have added some hallmarks of their traditional style to the kit. As with most Adidas kits, the new Juve home jersey has three stripes (black, for Juventus) running across the shoulders and down the sleeves of the shirt.

Set alongside the vertical stripes that have characterized the Juventus home shirt for many years, the horizontal Adidas stripes make for cool, eye-catching dichotomy that adds something completely new to Juve's classic zebra shirt.

Even longtime Juventus fans with sizable collections of the club's football shirts will want to get their hands on this one. At Soccer Box, we have the jersey available in adult sizes (with matching white home shorts also available for purchase). You can also purchase the Juventus kids home shirt 2015 2016 from our online store, if you are shopping for a budding young soccer fan!

A New Direction for the Away Shirt

Where the new Adidas home shirt takes a few stylistic liberties, but still mostly sticks with tradition, the 2015 2016 Juventus away jersey is more of a departure from the football club's past. Juve's away kits have evolved and changed quite a bit over the years, ranging from yellow designs to black shirts, all the way to last year's vibrant blue aesthetic.

This year, Adidas is going back to the very beginning for inspiration. Many fans forget it, but when Juventus FC was first established in 1897, they didn't start by wearing their iconic zebra-striped kits. On the contrary, the zebra aesthetic didn't come about until 1903. In the beginning, the squad's players wore pale pink jerseys with black trim.

That's more or less the description of the 2015 2016 Juventus away jersey, where a lovely pale shade of pink makes up the majority of the kit design. The collar is outlined in black trim, and the Adidas striping on the shoulders and sleeves is also black. The ends of the sleeves, meanwhile, are banded in red, while the brim of the jersey is a band of white.

The colorful jersey will certainly catch eyes on the soccer pitch throughout the 2015 2016. As with the home shirt, the pale pink away kit can be purchased on Soccer Box today. It's available in both adult and kids sizes, and we have the matching black away shorts (with pink stripes running down the side) in stock as well.

The Jersey Launch

In addition to marking the start of Juve's new partnership with Adidas, the July 1st launch of the new 2015 2016 kits also raised some questions about the football squad's lineup for the upcoming season.

In particular, the promotional materials for the new Juventus kits prominently featured midfielder Paul Pogba. Pogba has recently been linked to potential transfer agreements with both Barcelona and Manchester City. Due to a transfer ban at Barca, the former move obviously won't be happening this summer, but a Man City transfer could still be a possibility.

Still, would Juventus use Pogba in the promotional materials for their new jerseys if he was going to be leaving the club in the next month or two? It seems unlikely, so bet on seeing the 22-year-old Frenchman on the pitch at Juve again this coming season.