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Hellas Verona

Hellas Verona probably would have preferred not to play Juventus in a Serie A fixture last Sunday-and not just because the Zebras are the top team in Italian football right now. On the contrary, Verona's worries probably had more to do with the fact that they had just lost to Juventus in a Coppa Italia fixture earlier in the week.

To make matters worse for the Hellas squad, the first loss against the wearers of the Juventus shirt had been substantial. The Coppa Italia fixture, played on Thursday, January 15th, ended 6-1 in favor of the Zebra players.

A loss that big probably would have affected Verona's weekend performance under any circumstances. But the fact that they had to turn around and play a rematch with the same team that had just crushed them in the Italian Cup was simply too much.

To make matters worse for Verona, they not only had to play a rematch with Juventus, but they had to return to the club's home stadium for the second time in the space of four days. Indeed, both games were played at Juventus Stadium, and both saw huge crowds of fans, wearing the Juventus home shirt and screaming their support of the home team.

The Matches

In other words, the odds were heavily in favor of the Zebras in both games, as they donned the Juventus shirt and charged out onto their home pitch. The Coppa Italia game was the real beat-down, providing big scoring moments for five different Zebra football players-as well as a brace of goals for Sebastian Giovinco.

In some ways, Hellas put up more of a fight in the Serie A rematch game. They held the home squad to just four successful scoring drives, and kept Giovinco from repeating his double play. Unfortunately, they also weren't able to get on the board at the second match, which meant they lost 4-0.

Meanwhile, there were plenty of reasons to be proud about being a fan at the event, or about wearing the Juventus home shirt 2014 - 2015. French midfielder Paul Pogba provided the first of these reasons just three minutes into the game, giving his football club an early lead in the contest. Forward Carlos Tevez added another point just minutes later, and made the score 2-0 before the match had even reached the 10-minute mark.

At that juncture, it looked like the game was going to turn into an even bigger embarrassment for Verona than the Coppa Italia fixture had been. However, the Hellas squad seemed to rally slightly after that opening flurry of points from Juventus. Indeed, their defensive line kept the Zebras from finding the back of the soccer net again until midway through the second half.

But Juventus was playing effective defense too. The home squad stopped all of Verona's attacks. So even during the long span that they weren't scoring in the middle of the match, the home team still wasn't giving up any of that early two-point lead.

When Roberto Pereya scored at the 66-minute mark, the writing was on the wall that Juventus was going to win another big victory. And when Tevez scored his second goal of the football game less than 10 minutes later, it was all over.

The Zebras have won every single one of their home fixtures in the 2014 2015 Serie A season, and from the looks of it, that trend is going to continue this winter and spring. There's no reason to expect that the team won't clinch their fourth consecutive Serie A title this year, and you can celebrate that fact today with a brand new Juventus shirt from Soccer Box. Whether you are looking for a home shirt, an away shirt, or a third jersey, you can find it here.