Approaching the end of October, it looked as if the Barcelona football club was being groomed for a 2014 2015 La Liga championship title. Not only had the team won almost all of their games (with a scoreless draw against Malaga being the exception), but neither had they allowed any of their opponents to score so much as a single goal all season. The squad's record was about as close to perfect as you could ever expect, and team merchandise like the boys Barcelona kit or kids home jersey was flying off shelves as a result. Clearly, whether wearing the home or away jersey, this team appeared unstoppable!

And then it all changed. After not one, but two Primera Division losses in a row, Barca is looking to rebuild their momentum. Not that the skilled Spanish soccer squad will lose popularity over a few hiccups. On the contrary, at Soccer Box, the soccer teams merchandise is still flying off the shelves, regardless of whether fans are looking for a boy's away kit or a Barcelona kids home jersey 2014 2015! We also have adult gear, in addition to kid's kit items. And you will find both boys and girls wearing the kids kit!

Kids Barcelona Football Kit

The Losses

The first of the two losses came on October 25th, against one of La Liga's heaviest heavyweights: Real Madrid. The football match started off well enough, with an assist from Luis Suarez-making his competitive debut with Barca after a lengthy suspension-allowing Neymar to find the net just four minutes into the soccer game. Unfortunately, things fell apart after that, and the fixture ended with a score of 3-1.

For kids in the boys Barcelona kit, the loss simply didn't make sense. Barcelona had been unstoppable up to that point in the soccer season. Furthermore, the addition of Luis Suarez, a star striker, to the already potent scoring dynamo of Neymar and Lionel Messi, should have resulted in goals galore for the club from Camp Nou.

Unfortunately, though, that's not how it played out. Worse, the tides continued to flow against the team the next week, when fans actually returned to Barcelona in the Barcelona kids home jersey 2014 2015 for a home match at Camp Nou. The disappointment was clear to see, written all over the young boys faces as they watched their favorite team fall.

Indeed, instead of following their 2014 2015 season MO and shutting out Celta de Vigo, the Barcelona football players themselves were shut out-and on their own home field, no less. Vigo, a club that barely finished in the top 10 during the 2013 2014 La Liga, shut down Barca's scoring powerhouse and won the soccer game 1-0.

Surprising Numbers

Barca's two losses didn't hurt the club too much. After all, they had built up such a cushion of wins and goals in the first part of the season that even two disastrous weeks couldn't derail them. However, the losses did cost the squad a leading position on the 2014 2015 division standings table. The new leader is Real Madrid, a club that has an edge right now in both wins and goals scored.

It's not terribly surprising that Real Madrid has scored a lot of goals this year. After all, the team has Cristiano Ronaldo, who led La Liga with 31 points last year. What is surprising is that, at the moment, Real has notched 42 scores in the 2014 2015 league, while Barca has only landed 25.

In other words, the Vikings currently have 17 more goals this season than Barca does. Ronaldo is the difference: he's scored 18. But with Messi, Neymar, and now Suarez, the Barcelona kit should at least be giving Madrid a run for its money. After all, Ronaldo may have scored 31 goals last season, but Messi scored 50 in 2011 2012 and 46 in 2012 2013. There's a reason most of the kids wearing the boys Barcelona kit want to be him.

So far this fall, though, Messi's numbers have been surprisingly low. In 11 matches, he's scored seven goals. Neymar is the current 2014 2015 MVP, with 11 games and 10 league goals. That's more than he scored in league all last season.

Suarez, meanwhile, is a bit of an enigma. Many fans in the Barcelona kids home jersey 2014 2015 were highly anticipating the arrival of the Uruguayan football star. But after three games, Suarez is still at zero for scoring moments at Barca. In 2013 2014, he led the entire English Premier League with 31 goals: why hasn't he been able to transfer that momentum to Camp Nou?

Luckily, a recent La Liga win against Almeria is getting Barcelona back where they need to be after two losses in a row. But will the football team three star scorers learn to work together, or will their skills cancel each other out? Only time will tell, but you can support them all by purchasing a new soccer jersey at Soccer Box! Whether you are looking for a boys Barcelona kit or an adult home jersey 2014 2015, you can find it here.