Ever since the 2014 2015 La Liga season commenced back in August, FC Barcelona has looked like an unstoppable force of football excellence. The team swept the floor with challengers like Elche, Levante, and Granada, and emerged very early on as Barcelona Kids Away Shirt 2014 - 2015this year's frontrunners for the Spanish national soccer title. Needless to say, the streak of wins has made club merchandise remarkably popular, from the kids Barcelona kit 2014 to the adult away shirt 2015.

At Soccer Box, we've stocked up on 2014 2015 Barcelona football kit to support the demand. The team's success has brought fans of all ages out of the woodwork, and from infants to kids to adults, we have gear for all of those demographics. Parents, for example, will love dressing their children in the Barcelona kids away shirt 2014 2015. Older fans, meanwhile, can find adult sizes of the Barcelona home shirt and away kit for this year.

Kids Barcelona Kit

The First Loss

For the majority of the soccer season, fans wearing the Barcelona shirt have had no reason to be disappointed. Their football team's core scoring duo-of Neymar and Lionel Messi-has been all but unstoppable in most La Liga fixtures, and the club's position at the top of the division reflects that. However, the 2014 2015 football squad showed its first signs of weakness on October 25th when they faced Real Madrid for the first time this season wearing their away kit.

The soccer match, an away fixture hosted at Real's Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, brought out fans of all ages, from youngsters wearing the kids Barcelona kit 2014 to older veterans who have been cheering Barca along for years. Unfortunately, those fans weren't in for the big win they were hoping for.

And a victory against Real Madrid would have been Barcelona's first big win of the soccer season. While the squad has been on a game-winning roll as of late, they also haven't faced any of the best teams in the 2014 2015 La Liga yet. Last year's champions, Atletico Madrid, aren't on Barca's schedule until the New Year, while games against other top clubs, like Valencia and Sevilla, are set to be played in November.

Real Madrid-a team that came in third place in the 2013 2014 La Liga, and one which won the UEFA Champions League tournament last spring-was therefore Barca's first genuine "test" of the fall. And judging by the 3-1 losing score, that test didn't turn out how anyone at Camp Nou wanted it to.

The Debut of Suarez

All of the elements were there to make the Barcelona Real Madrid match-up a triumphant one for the Barca side. In addition to having a great record and an unstoppable scoring force in the form of Messi/Neymar, the team has another secret weapon that is just now making its debut for the football season.

That secret weapon is Luis Suarez, who you can bet all of the young fans in the Barcelona kids away shirt 2014 2015 were cheering for at El Classico. After being suspended from all competitive football due to the infamous World Cup biting incident, Suarez transferred from Liverpool to Barcelona. The away match against Real Madrid marked Suarez's return to competitive football-as well as his competitive debut with Barca-but it wasn't the fairytale narrative he probably was hoping for.

Not that Suarez played poorly. Just four minutes into the match, he delivered an assist that allowed Neymar to score. It looked like a huge moment one that would turn Barca's scoring duo into a trio and make the squad even more unstoppable. Fans of all ages, from the wearers of the kids Barcelona kit 2014 to the adults in the team's training shirts, would love to see that happen.

Throughout the rest of the match, though, Real succeeded in shutting Neymar, Suarez, Messi, and the rest of the Barcelona squad down. After a penalty goal by Cristiano Ronaldo at the 35-minute mark, the match belonged completely to Madrid. The club scored two more goals in the second half to win 3-1.

Was the match just a fluke for Barca? Will the club bounce back and turn its scoring dynamo into a season-winning asset? Only time will tell, but you can support the club today by stopping by Soccer Box and picking up a brand new Barcelona soccer shirt. Whether you are looking for a kids Barcelona Kit, or an adult's away shirt or home kit, you can find it here.