At the end of 2014, it looked as if no one could stop FC Barcelona. From sealing their Champions League advancement with a 3-1 win over Paris Saint Germain, to winning a resounding 8-0 home match against Huesca to kick off their run in the 2014 2015 Copa Del Rey, the team was quite simply on fire. As for their final soccer match of the year, a 5-0 La Liga win over Cordoba, it was a fitting way to celebrate Christmas (and the arrival of 2015) in front of a home audience. For that fixture, the stands of Camp Nou swelled with supporters, from young boys in the kids Barcelona kit to adults in the red and blue home jersey. The atmosphere was nothing short of electric.

Unfortunately, 2015 has not gotten off to a great start for Barca. On January 4th, the squad kick started the New Year with a 0-1 away loss against Real Sociedad, disappointing adults and kids alike. Worst of all, the fixture could have given the club a chance to take the lead in the division! Luckily, there will be other opportunities to climb the standings table in the coming weeks and months, and you can prepare for them today with a new Barcelona boys away kit 2014 2015 or adult home jersey, available at Soccer Box.

Barca Kids Kit

The Real Sociedad Match

Since La Liga doesn't play an entire half season before Christmastime (each squad played 16 of their 38 matches prior to New Year's), there were a few teams in the division that Barcelona did not meet during the fall of 2014. One of those was Real Sociedad's Royals.

In terms of head-to-head history, Barcelona and Sociedad have had a fairly even split in terms of recent results. In the last two and a half seasons, the teams had met six times. Barca had won three of those fixtures (one each in 2012, 2013, and 2014) while the Royals had been victorious twice. The sixth game ended in a 1-1 draw.

Unpredictable Outcome 

The back-and-forth nature of the two teams' recent head-to-head history made it difficult to predict who would come out on top in their January 4th fixture. Would young boys and girls in the kids Barcelona kit have reason to cheer? Or would the home Royals fans be the happy ones.

On one hand, Barca had all the momentum. During the fall 2014 portion of the season, the football club won 12 of their 16 games. Sociedad, meanwhile, has been lagging behind lately prior to the New Year, they had a record of three wins, four draws, and seven losses. Based on those numbers, the kids in the Barcelona boys away kit 2014 2015 should have been the ones leaving the stadium happy on game day.

Home Field Advantage

On the other hand, Barca had one serious disadvantage they were going in as the away team. The only uniformity in the last six head-to-head matches between the two clubs is that the winner was always the home team, and the loser was always the away squad. The only exception was the draw, which was an away game for Barcelona.

Unfortunately for fans in the kids Barcelona kit or adult away jersey, the home field advantage held true for Real Sociedad. The Royals ruled the match, shutting down Barca's normally unstoppable offensive line.

Part of the issue was that Neymar and Lionel Messi, Barca's best and most consistent players, weren't in the initial lineup for the game and were substituted in after the halftime break. And while striker Luis Suarez was on the field for the whole match, he has not yet proven himself as a dependable scorer in the 2014 2015 La Liga.

To add insult to injury, Barcelona was responsible for digging its own grave. The game ended 0-1 in favor of the Royals, but the lone point was actually an own goal scored by Barca defender, Jordi Alba. Suffice it to say that it was a rough football fixture to watch for fans of all ages, from kids in the Barcelona boys away kit 2014 2015 to adults who have been following the club for decades.

By all means, the match represented a rough start to 2015 for the Barcelona football club. Luckily, Real Madrid also lost this week (against Valencia), which means that Barca remains only one point behind in the division standings.

Do you think Barca can bounce back and claim the top spot? Show your support for the club today with a brand new kids Barcelona kit or adult away shirt 2014 2015, both available at Soccer Box! Whether you are shopping for yourself, or for the young football-loving boys in your family, we've got you covered!