barcelona kids kitWith football now being one of the most popular sports watched and taken part in from all over the world it is no wonder more and more children's football kits are being sold. Back in the day it was only usually adult football shirts, shorts and socks available, but since football became so popular all kinds of football merchandise have been unveiled including products for children and even the very young children.

Although it can be very expensive to buy replica kids football kit you certainly receive great value for money if your child's age falls in to the 3-4 to 7-8 year bracket. Children who are aged between 3 to 8 years old get the opportunity to purchase the complete kits, these are often known as 'Little boys' kits by Nike and 'Mini Kit' by Adidas, there are other manufacturers which will use other names such as infant, junior, child's and so on.

The Manchester City Boys Home Football Kit is a popular kids football kit and includes the official shirt, shorts and socks. These looks exactly the same as the adults separate shirt, shorts and socks but they usually feature printed details rather than embroidered detail and stitching. You can pick a mini kit up for around £34.99-39.99 depending on the team you choose.

If you are to buy them separately, it does work out quite a bit more expensive, but there are shirts, shorts and socks available for children over the 7-8 age bracket. It is great to buy these kits for your children, there is so much variety nowadays, if he/she is football mad then your child would love a kid's football kit.

Not only can you buy kits for children as little as 3 years old, football strips for the very young are now available. A few years back, baby football kits were introduced which also include a mini shirt, shorts and socks. These replica kits are available in sizes 0-3 Months to 24-36 Months; just image how cute your little one would be in a miniature football kit.

Mini kits are often adapted to suit a baby's needs, many of the kits you will see, especially in Nike products include either a Velcro or buttoned fastening near to the neck area of the shirt, this makes it very easy to take your baby's shirt on and off. The set is designed to offer the baby maximum comfort.

It is great to teach a child about supporting a football team while they are young, then once they are older they can make their own decisions. Purchasing your child a kids football kits can help them decide on whether they like football or not from a young age, when they are at an age when they can make their own choices they may choose to support a different team.

With kids football kits it is also possible to get it personalised, this will include an official name and number. Some children may decide that they want to choose their own name and number. It has become very popular to personalise kits with your favourite players name instead of your own.

To get your kit personalised this does come at an extra cost, if you are receiving official text for example the official Premier League printing, this would cost you an extra £12+ on top depending on the retailer. So children's football kits can prove more expensive than you first think when it comes to all of the small extras.

Once you have purchased your child a football kit they may want a new kit each season, it does seem expensive at first but the football kits last a very long time when they are bought officially so you receive great quality for your money.

Do you buy strips for your children? Do you think they are overpriced?

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