Kid's football kits come in all shapes and sizes; there are many different types of football kits available. Replica kits are football kits as worn by professional football players, for example a team like Chelsea in the Premier League. The full Chelsea football kit is available to buy from the majority of sports retailers and would cost you around £34.99-39.99 for the official Chelsea shirt, shorts and socks. Replica shirts will feature the club's crest, manufacturer logo and shirt sponsor. The cost of official kid's football kits can be expensive and the pressure on parents to buy their child the latest kit is high.

Retailers are often competing to supply their replica kits for the lowest price while still making a good profit for their business. Non-replica football kits such as the ones children wear in their local football leagues are much cheaper to buy. Often local teams buy their kits from online sports retailers who stock plain kid's football kits. There is always a wide range of kit to choose from. Most companies will offer a budget kit; these usually start at around £10 pound per kit, including the shirt, shorts and socks. Even though these are often classed as budget kits there is no doubt they are still available in some great designs. If you have a higher budget to spend and would like something a bit more stylish for your team with more detail you can buy kits from Stanno, Prostar and Joma. These kits tend to have more of a quality look and feel and include the logo like Joma, you can pick these up for around £15 upwards per kit. A rough price to kit out a whole 11-a-side junior team would cost around £110 pound and for an adult 11-man team around £115 pound. As you can see non-replica kits are much cheaper than the kits professional players wear.

For the big spenders in the local leagues they may prefer to purchase the Nike kits, the very popular American brand that often sponsor professional clubs and manufacture a large majority of football kits also design plain Nike kits for local teams. For a Nike bundle you would be looking at around £280 pound, this includes 10 shirts, 10 shorts, 10 pairs of socks, sponsors, numbers and a kit bag. Even though local sides would not be allowed to play in Premier league shirts, as an example of the price difference to supply replica kit for a local team would cost around £385 pound so you can really see the difference in price. As well as kids football kits, retailers also offer training wear for local teams to purchase. These also come in brands such as Joma and Stanno which are popular brands for football kits in local leagues; it all depends on your budget. School is often another place where kits are used regularly. Sport or P.E is one of thregular_2012chelseaawaykite most loved subjects in school; it gives pupils the chance to play a range of sports which they enjoy. With it becoming so popular outside of school, football has also become just as popular in schools. The amount of schools bringing football in to P.E lesson plans is growing; tennis, rounders and hockey were the type of sport that was offered up until regular football was put in place. A wide range of schools from different areas all over the UK often sign up for football competitions including 5-a side, 7-a side and 11-a side football tournaments. Alongside this most schools usually have their main school football team.

The school football team is often made up of football-loving pupils who play friendlies against other schools, mainly taking place after school hours. Like local league teams, school football teams must also play in kid's football kits, these often feature the school badge which represents their school. Schools are most likely to order bundles of kid's football kits from retailers and receive a discounted deal with them. Parents are sometimes liable to pay for their child's school kit but they are often funded or reimbursed after purchase. Some children enjoy football that much that they often play for their local league team and school, this can prove pricey for parents if they are asked to buy the kit themselves, however this only happens in a minority of cases. We think it is great that local teams have the chance to buy kits for their teams, even for those on the lower budget. Replica kids football kits however will probably continue to stay around their price range, they may even go up some more. It is very doubtful that the demand for replica kid's football kits will descend with the popularity of professional football growing and growing.

Do you think that kid's football kits are expensive to buy? Should parents be made to pay for school football kits? Let us know your opinions we would love to hear from you.

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