The game of football is thought to date back to Ancient Greece and Roman times. However, the modern sport that is played today is based around rules that were established in the 19th Century. Approximately 250 million children and adults play football in over 200 countries around the world. Kids football kits sell well around the globe as many children, boys and girls, enjoy playing soccer.

Kids football kits are available at Soccer Box, your 1 stop shop for all football merchandise. Whether your child supports a Premier League team, Barcelona or Real Madrid, or they would prefer an England, or other national team shirt you are sure to find a suitable kit. We only sell official merchandise, supplied directly from the manufacturer. Treat your kids and shop now!

Adidas, Nike and Puma are the 3 main manufacturers of soccer kits for football teams around the world. As well as producing official replica jerseys in adult sizes you can buy football kits for kids. For older children the shirts, shorts and socks are available as separate purchases. Full kits are available for smaller kids and babies, these are great value containing the shirt and shorts, depending on the manufacturer the socks may also be included.

Playing soccer is a popular activity for many children. Football kits for kids can be used by your child for playing soccer in school, where it is often played as part of PE and sports classes. As well as at school many children play football with their friends, and others join local teams in the hope of getting spotted, and making a career out of playing their favorite sport.

Encouraging your child to support a football team is a great idea. Having the hobby of supporting a team gives them the opportunity to socialize with other people, and may be a lifelong passion. Talking about their favorite team with their peers and other adults is a fantastic way of building social skills. Kids football kits, for their favorite team, also make wonderful gift ideas at Christmas or for birthdays.

As well as watching soccer, kids football kits are perfect for wearing to play the beautiful game. Encouraging you child to play any sport is a good idea. There is a growing problem of childhood obesity. The government is trying to tackle this as it recognizes that unhealthy, overweight children grow up to become unhealthy overweight adults that are putting excessive demands on health services.

The government recommends that every child should spend at least one hour per day engaged in physical activity. Physical education at school is being reassessed and revitalized, however, schools will not be able to fulfill this target for every child every day. Getting your child their very own kids football kits, may be just the motivation they need to get outside and play with their friends, or even join a local team.

Further research has suggested, that children who regularly participate in sports during their youth are more likely to continue as adults. Weight and related health issues are even more prevalent in adults, therefore, generating a lifelong love of any sport in childhood is a great asset. Anyone can play soccer in old shorts and a t-shirt, but wearing official kids football kits will make the experience more enjoyable for your child.

If your child has a favorite player they may like to wear the same kit as him, maybe even pretending to be that player when they play football. Lionel Messi is one of the most admired footballers in the world, his skill and talent with a soccer ball is amazing. If your child is Messi's biggest admirer, why not get the latest Barcelona kids football kits, with Messi 10 printed on the back to make it extra special.

There are many more Benefits of playing football than just for health. It will help your child make friends, give them experience of playing as part of a team, as well experiencing the ups and downs of winning and losing. Football kits for kids are available for numerous teams at Soccer Box, check out the selection today, and order one for your little professional. Don't forget we also offer a printing service to add names and numbers if you choose!

Which footballer does your child most admire? Have you noticed any other benefits from your kids playing football?