For soccer fans around the world 2014 is promising to be an exciting year. This summer is the 20th FIFA World Cup. The World Cup is the most watched, and anticipated football tournament around the globe. This year's tournament is being dubbed as the best yet; it is being hosted by Brazil. Sports fans are catching football fever, and stores such as Soccer Box are stocking up on World Cup soccer jerseys, and kids football kits, in anticipation of the big event.

Kids and adults alike are looking forward to watching the matches and preparing to cheer on their national teams. Sales of soccer jerseys and kids football kits are already increasing, shop for yours now at Soccer Box. Even in countries where the national soccer team hasn't qualified football fans will be watching the matches and cheering on the other teams. It is expected that many fans will be rooting for the home nation Brasil.

Brazil is the host of this year's World Cup.  The country, Brasil is known for its exuberance and high spirits, they are expected to stage one of the best ever FIFA World Cup tournaments. Young boys and girls that may be watching their 1st ever World Cup are sure to love the yellow and green colors of the Brazil FIFA World Cup boys home soccer kit 2014, and want to cheer on the hosting nation.

The Brazil boys home soccer kit is expected to be one of the best selling products throughout this year. This is an official Nike soccer kit designed for kids age 3-8 years. The kit includes the official jersey, shorts and socks featuring the Brasil crest and Nike logos. Boys, girls and a fair few adults around the globe will be hoping that the host nation can clinch their 6th trophy.

The Brazilian national team is known as one of the best football teams in the world. They have won 5 previous World Cup's and are looking to add a 6th on home soil. The last time that the World Cup was hosted in Brazil, in 1950 they missed out on winning the trophy. This time their manager Luiz Felipe Scolari is determined to win. However, 31 other teams are also desperate for a piece of the action.

Only 8 nations have ever won the World Cup, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, England, France and Spain. Brasil has won more times than any other team; Italy is 2nd with 4 wins. These 8 teams usually feature as the most popular teams. For younger fans nationality isn't necessarily the most important factor in choosing a team to cheer. They will want kids football kits for the team that scores the most goals, the team that features their favorite player or the winning team!

Many schools will use the World Cup tournament as a basis for learning about different countries, cultures and traditions. Learning about the FIFA World Cup at school, and the excitement amongst their peers many kids will suddenly develop an interest in football. Your youth is likely to pester you so they can watch the matches, and to buy them a kids football kit so they can join in the excitement.

Brazil is commonly the favorite choice to lift the trophy among sports enthusiasts and the media. They have the advantage of playing on home soil, in familiar stadiums, with thousands of home fans. The teams Confederations Cup performance also showed the strength and ability of the team. They retained the trophy for the 3rd successive tournament and didn't lose a match. The Brazil FIFA World Cup boys home soccer kit 2014 is a great choice for any young fan.

Brasil may be the favorite but there is a wide selection of other kids football kits and teams for your youth to choose from. Argentina is the 2nd favorite to win. With many kids favorite star player, Lionel Messi on the team they cannot be ruled out. Argentina is a South American country playing close to home, they have won 2 previous World Cup trophies and will be keen to defeat rivals Brasil.

No European team has ever won the World Cup on South American soil. However, several European teams pose a good choice of kids football kit for your youth. Current champions Spain are looking to retain their title and win back-to-back trophies. Germany is another top choice, they are the 3rd favorite and many commentators believe their increasing power and skill over recent years has set them up perfectly to win their 4th World Cup in Brazil.

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