La Liga is the top flight league for Spanish teams such as Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. With the 2018/19 season on the horizon, all clubs have now released their home jerseys for supporters to purchase ahead of the games. In the coming weeks we are expecting to see the rest of the away and third ranges launched by each of the soccer teams. 

Within this post we will take a brief look at each of the shirts launched by the most popular clubs within La Liga. By doing this, we are able to explore who has the most improved or modernized jerseys compared to those that have kept it safe and stayed to a basic look.

Real Madrid Home and Away Kits

Adidas has recently launched both the home and away jerseys for Real Madrid. After their third consecutive UEFA Champions League title was achieved, we expected to see great things from their sportswear to reflect this. 

To begin with, the base colour of the home shirt has been updated to a stylish off-white shade. The accents on the jersey are also black which is a toned down look compared to the light green seen last season. However, a thing both tops have in common, is that the crest remains in full colour in order to remain focus and stand out against the simplistic colour palette.

Oozing with class, the neckline of the home jersey has been enhanced with a rounded neckline with a buttoned fastening. This is a fantastic improvement on the v-neck which was used on the last home top for Real Madrid.

Previously, the away shirt was black with green accents, but for 18/19 this has been updated to a monochrome scheme like the home jersey. A black base colour has been chosen with grey and white accents. Unlike the core sportswear range, the away top’s Real Madrid crest has been adapted to the colours featured, which are black and white. 

These updates to the scheme used allows the shirts to hold a timeless and versatile styling. Although, some may say they have played it safe with a basic colouring.

Atletico Madrid Home Kit

Manufactured by Nike, the Atletico Madrid home shirt has just been launched. Maintaining their signature red and white striped pattern, this top has seen a couple of updates to the overall look and appearance. 

Atletico Madrid’s classic red and white stripes were of a solid shaping last season. However, the new and updated jersey for 18/19 sees an eye-catching gradient at the bottom of the red lines. This gradient blends the red and blue colouring from the team’s crest perfectly. The blue featured in the crest was only seen on the previous jersey on the Nike Swoosh.

On the 17/18 shirt, diagonally across the shirt there were thin lines of red, and white which almost resembled that of an animal scratch. This could be inspired by the bear featured on the team’s crest. However, on this new season’s home soccer shirt, there is a zig-zag featured vertically across the centre of the chest behind the sponsor’s logo. 

A continuous style of the home shirt is that of the plain red sleeves of the jersey. Red is also carried through onto the rear of the torso, however the bottom portion of this incorporates the design that is featured on the front of the jersey. Tying the look of the front and back together, this is an excellent and interesting addition to the styling of the top.

Barcelona Home Kit

Barcelona are the most recent winners of the La Liga trophy, and their kits are widely adored by fans far and wide. When manufacturing their latest home shirt, Nike has most definitely kept with their award winning look.

Previously the stripes featured on the front of the jersey were disliked by some supporters as it resembled a barcode. However, they have taken this constructive criticism on board when making the new home jersey for Barcelona. The navy and red stripes are all in the same width and stretch across the length of the torso instead of focusing on the centre like the 17/18 top.

On the last home shirt, the neckline saw a yellow outline with red lines within. Although, for this season, they have adopted a more classy and toned down approach to the neck. Navy material is used on the v-neck and the red and yellow design is added to the rear of the shirt stretching down the base of the shoulders.

How Do the Newly Launched Jerseys Compare?

Nike who manufactures the Atletico Madrid and the Barcelona home shirts, have kept to the soccer team’s classic and most loved styles. However, both have seen modernized updates to the appearance of their jerseys such as a slight alteration to the sizing and colouring pattern of their infamous stripes. Both team’s will shortly have their away and third shirts unveiled, which means, with their ever changing colour choice, we could be greatly impressed.

On the other hand, Adidas has tried to keep to the previously used template for the home and away shirts. But, they have altered the colours schemes of the tops slightly, by making the home black on white and the away white on black. This monochrome aspect of the jerseys make them the perfect pairing for the team as they take to the pitch this season. With this in mind, we wonder what they will pull out the bag for their third range released shortly. 

As we have now explored the three core team’s of the La Liga’s shirts, which club do you think has the best look? And which jersey are you most likely to purchase before the new season starts? Follow us on our social media pages and let us know, we would love to hear your thoughts on these and discuss all things football! You can also find all of the mentioned shirts above on our online store at Soccer Box, so head on over today and grab yourself the latest La Liga jerseys for your cherished team!

This article was written exclusively for Soccer Box by Loren Astbury.