The battle for the Ligue 1 title 2014 - 2015 is the most hotly contested of European football leagues. In most of the professional football divisions across Europe, the top-flight champions are already decided and the final few games of the season are little more than a formality. Chelsea clinched the 2014 2015 English Premier League title a week ago, Juventus have won their fourth consecutive trophy in the Italian Serie A, and Bayern Munich are guaranteed to walk away with the top slot in the German top-flight for the 25th time in history. In France's Ligue 1, though, the battle is still alive-at least until this weekend, when Paris Saint Germain are expected to solidify their third national soccer championship in a row!

The Current 2014 2015 Ligue 1 Standings

Right now, the standings in France's top-flight football division are as follows: PSG is in the lead, with 77 points and a score of +45 in the goal difference column; Olympique Lyonnais are in second, with 71 points and a GD of +38; the wearers of the AS Monaco home shirt 2014 2015 are in third, with 65 points and +22 goal difference; and Olympique Marseille and Saint-Etienne are waiting in the wings, holding down the fourth and fifth-place slots with 63 points.

Mathematically, Lyon could still surpass Paris Saint Germain on the table, which is why fans in the PSG shirt aren't yet celebrating a national championship. For that to happen, the Parisians would have to lose their last two matches of the season (against Montpellier and Reims) and Lyon would have to win theirs (against Bordeaux and Rennes). That would tie the two soccer teams at 71 points on the league standings table, though Lyon would also have to make up a seven-goal deficit in terms of goal difference, to truly have a chance at taking the title.

In other words, it's unlikely that we will be seeing anything but the navy blue, red, and white of the PSG home shirt atop the Ligue 1 podium this year. With that said, Montpellier and Reims were two of the football clubs that managed draws against the Parisians this year, so it's not beyond the realm of possibility that the likely French champions could stumble and lose their final two games. Olympique Lyonnais, meanwhile, have beaten both Rennes (2-0, back in August) and Bordeaux (5-0, in December) this season, so the club's odds of winning those last two games (and making up seven points in goal difference) are also pretty strong.

AS Monaco

Monaco Home Shirt 2014 - 2015While Paris and Lyon scuffle for the top spot, AS Monaco are just trying to maintain their spot in the top three. Last year, the club finished the Ligue 1 season in second place; in 2014 2015, they've struggled to reach the same heights. Indeed, the wearers of the AS Monaco home shirt 2014 2015 dipped all the way to 19th place on the league standings table, thanks to a rough start where they only won one of their first five games (and lost three). They've been gradually clawing their way back up the ranks ever since.

A few weeks ago, with a 3-0 away victory at Caen, AS Monaco finally moved into third place-great news for fans of the football club. With a third-place finish, the Red and Whites keep their chances at a 2015 2016 Champions League qualification alive.

Still, the team's grasp on the third place spot is tenuous at the moment. Last weekend, they donned the AS Monaco away shirt 2014 2015 and lost 1-2 against Olympique Marseille. Marseille are now in a position where they could easily climb back into the top three: they have 63 points on the standings table (just two point behind AS Monaco), and their goal difference rating (+27) is better than Monaco's (+22).

Bottom line? The wearers of the Monaco soccer jersey are going to have to go on the defensive if they are going to maintain their third-place, Champions League-qualifying spot. This weekend, May 16th, they'll play Metz at home, and on May 23rd, they'll close out their football season with an away match at Lorient.

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