The first half of Lille's 2014 - 2015 campaign was shoddy at best, and the football club even fell as far as 15th place on the league standings table. The good news is that things have looked up for the Great Danes during the latter half of the season. From the end of February through to the end of April, the team won six of their eights fixtures. The bad new is that April 25th brought Lille their worst loss of the year (against PSG), and that this past weekend saw them fall once more, in a 2-3 away match against Toulouse.

With that said, the 2014 - 2015 campaign isn't over just yet. The Great Danes still have fixtures on the way against Olympique Marseille and Metz, and could end the season on a high note with a pair of victories. Help them out by picking up a new jersey or two from the Soccer Box store! The red Lille home shirt 2014 - 2015 and the yellow away jersey are both still available for purchase, so get yours before the end of the year!

Away Losses

Lille could certainly use a bit of extra soccer fan support during the final weeks of the 2014 - 2015 campaign, especially following the pair of tough away losses they've suffered in recent weeks. On April 25th, the club lost 1-6 against Paris Saint Germain?one of the biggest defeats that any Ligue 1 team has suffered this year.

While that loss was tough for the wearers of the Lille jersey, though, it was at least in part expected. After all, PSG are expected to win their third straight Ligue 1 title this year. And since the Parisians were the ones with the home field advantage, the Great Danes were largely at their mercy for the entire football game.

Things looked up a bit the following week, when the Great Danes donned the Lille home shirt for a fixture against Lens. They got an easy 3-1 win in the May 3rd home match?reaffirming the club's confidence, even if Lens is the bottom-ranked team in the division this year.


Unfortunately, facing off against a low-ranked team didn't net Lille OSC a victory this past Saturday. Trading the home version of the Lille jersey for the yellow away shirt brought the Great Danes back into Toulouse V Lille OSCtheir losing funk, even though they were up against Toulouse?a squad currently ranked eight spots behind them on the 2014 - 2015 Ligue 1 table.

The defeat was made even more surprising given the fact that things started off quite strongly for Lille. At the nine-minute mark, striker Nolan Roux converted an assist from defender Djibril Sidibe into a 1-0 lead for the away side. Toulouse equalized 20 minutes later, but the Great Danes maintained their edge, re-taking the lead 15 minutes into the second half with a goal from Sofiane Boufal.

Lille OSC looked to be headed toward a win?until the home squad scored two goals in the space of three minutes with only limited time left in the fixture. Just like that, the Great Danes fell behind and suffered their second crushing disappointment of an away loss in three weeks.

Will the Great Danes be able to turn things around once more this Saturday, May 16th, when they put on the Lille home shirt 2014 - 2015 to face Olympique Marseille? It will be the last time the home jersey is worn this season, the last time this year's Lille squad gets to play with the home field advantage. However, Marseille have slumped somewhat in recent months, after spending the first half of the season as the league leaders. Could the Great Danes capitalize on that weakness to score a surprise home victory?

Only time will tell, but you can pick up a new Lille jersey today to root for the squad. We still have 2014 - 2015 home shirt and away jersey designs available at Soccer Box.