Lionel Messi rangeLionel Messi is one if not the most popular player in the world at the moment, children who support the team absolutely love him and look up to him as their idol. The 26 year old has been playing for the Barcelona first team since 2004, before that he was playing for Barcelona C and then B.

He has scored 220 goals in 248 appearances for the senior team, an outstanding amount of goals for any player to score. Since his popularity became huge all over the globe billions of people have had the stars name printed on their Barcelona shirt, children as young as 3 and 4 can wear the Messi printed soccer kit.

As well as the replica team wear he also has a clothing line of his own from Adidas along with sports accessories. The Barcelona Lionel Messi Towel is a fantastic product and a great way of showing your support for your favourite player.

There is no doubt that millions of pounds were made from Barcelona shirts printed with Messi 10 last year and i expect this year will be no different, the signing of playmaker Neymar Jr should not make Messi's fan base any smaller.

The cost of a Barcelona soccer kit with Messi 10 printing would range from approximately £45-50 pound for the new 2013-14 football kit. Retail stores know how popular Lionel Messi is to football fans so they know that their jerseys and kits will sell.

The Lionel Messi range includes products such as football boots, soccer bags, hats, football t-shirts, soccer hoody's and shorts. They are stylish and include the Adidas logo and Messi's signature logo.

The prices of the Messi products vary depending on the product, the most expensive clothing item i found was the Lionel Messi Boys Adidas Black Hoody, this came under the price tag of £34.99. One of the cheaper items was the Lionel Messi Adidas Baseball Cap coming in at just under £14.00.

Adidas, who are the manufacturers of some of the Lionel Messi range will be making a lot of money when you look at the popularity of the player and this is what we mean by marketing genius. Other products that feature a picture of Messi or his name are also sold by online soccer retailers. One of these is the Barcelona Lionel Messi Towel.

There are also quilt covers available with the player's picture on, pillows with Messi 10 on, a Messi jumbo stationary set and many more. These are very good and the large range available for children is fantastic.

Messi will be looking to take part in the World Cup 2014 which will once again boost his popularity if his magnificent form continues the sale of the replica shirts and other football t-shirts will rise again and the sales of the Lionel Messi range will become its most popular ever.

It is also a known fact that the 26 year old is the richest footballer in the world in front of David Beckham, however the player earns more than 50% of his money from endorsements such as his deals with Adidas, EA sports and PepsiCO. He also appeared in a Turkish airlines ad so all of these companies would have paid Messi quite a bit of money to star or deal with them.

We think that the Lionel Messi range will continue to be a success with more and more young soccer supporters hearing of him. If he continues his good form he will find himself winning the Ballon D'Or again and i am sure he will be playing for an even larger wage.

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