Barcelona FC, as we know are one of the biggest teams in the world and boast some of the most illustrious football players we have ever seen.

Lionel Messi Soccer JerseyThe fans will never forget the 2005-2006 seasons when they saw how talented the Lionel Messi soccer jersey really was, bringing him up through the ranks from a very young age is one of the best things that the club have done and it is certainly paying off now.

It was at age 11 when Lionel first played for Barcelona, he played for Barcelona's junior Infantil B and Cadete B & A teams from 2000 to 2003.
During his time in Cadete A he scored a fantastic 37 goals in 30 matches, the club then knew they had found something very good.

In 2003 Messi was promoted to the Barcelona C team and then he earned promotion again to the Barcelona B team in March 2004, he just kept on improving and scoring goals.

Then manager, Frank Rijkaard believed 17 year old Messi could cut it at the highest levels and handed him his first league debut against Espanyol.

During his first season in the Lionel Messi soccer jersey, he netted six goals in 17 league appearances which were to be beaten over the upcoming seasons.

He kept on improving and was showing real promise for the future; his skill was outstanding and often compared to fellow Argentinian Diego Maradona.

When Barcelona legend Ronaldinho left the club, we saw the Lionel Messi soccer jersey improve even more and become more confident. He went on to win many awards including the 2008 FIFA World Player of the Year and the Best Playmaker of the Year.

Lionel Messi became unstoppable and was making scoring goals look easy, he became a firm favourite and still is to this day, the Barcelona Messi 10 home soccer jersey 2013 - 2014 is one of the most sought after football shirts on the market today.

The club already had a great record of winning La Liga but had not won it since the 1990's. At the end of the 2004-05 season Messi helped the team to glory as they won the title once again.

Their great form continued and they went on to win the title once again. The season after saw their closest rivals Real Madrid take the title from them, their Spanish rivals also pipped them to the post in the 2007-08 season.

Lionel Messi is now known as Barcelona's greatest and most loved player of all time but rivals Real Madrid have their own superstar in Cristiano Ronaldo.

The two footballers are often compared but Messi has come out on top over the past few years, particularly being voted to win the FIFA Ballon D'or award four times in a row.

His outstanding form continued for Barcelona, he turned the 2011-12 season in to a goal fest with 50 goals in 37 games, by this time every team in the world wanted Lionel Messi to be playing for their team.

From the 2008-2009 season, Barcelona continued to win the La Liga title giving them a run of four seasons as title holders. It will be very interesting to see if the club can keep this going and win the 2013 -2014 title for the 5th season in a row.

This season Messi has scored 8 goals in 11 games, lower than usual but unfortunately for the club he suffered a hamstring injury on the 10th November 2013 which has seen him out for the rest of the months in the run up to Christmas.

Barca have fared ok so far with new signing Neymar Jr scoring the goals that they are missing from Messi.

With some hard upcoming games lined up including their UEFA Champions League showdown with Manchester City it will be interesting to see if Barca can provide such threat as they do when the Lionel Messi soccer jersey is involved.

He will want to get back to the game as soon as possible in order to pick up votes for the Ballon D'or. There have been numerous reports stating that neutral football fans are hoping that Cristiano Ronaldo can pip Messi to the top of the list of this year after missing out for four consecutive years.

This season Ronaldo has scored a fantastic 17 goals in 15 games and the year before 34 in 34 games which is close to Messi's record during the same year.

You can see some fans looking up to new boy Neymar Jr as they did Messi when he was younger, the Brazilian has been hitting the back of the net in Messi's absence making a good name for himself.

In fact many young children have requested the Neymar 11 soccer jersey instead of last year's highest request the personalised Messi football shirt.

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The new style from Nike is great and takes on the classic Barca colours in both the home and away designs.

Will Lionel Messi be back in time to help Barcelona secure the La Liga title for the fifth season in a row?

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