Barcelona may be arguably the best football club in Spain-and one of the best in the world-but that doesn't mean they are invulnerable. That much was nearly proven on two occasions in the past week, as Barca fell to early deficits in fixtures against Atletico Madrid and Villarreal. Thanks to the resolve of the team, though, as well as to the nearly unrivaled skills of Lionel Messi and Neymar, the football team walked away from both fixtures as the victor. Celebrate the wins today with a brand-new Lionel Messi t-shirt or Barcelona jersey from Soccer Box!

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Leo Messi T-Shirt


Fans in the Lionel Messi t-shirt are especially proud this week after Leo helped Barcelona score a come-from-behind victory against Villarreal. Barcelona was widely expected to win the fixture, and for several reasons. For one thing, the squad had already beaten Villarreal once this season, in the earliest days of 2014 2015 La Liga competition. With a score of 1-0, that August 31st victory hadn't been a huge one, but it had been Barca's first away game of the season.

This time, Barca wouldn't be playing in an unfamiliar environment in front of rival fans, but in crowded Camp Nou stadium, in front of countless home supporters dressed in the Messi Barcelona home jersey 2014 2015. Add the fact that Barcelona simply had the better 2014 2015 season record, and it was clear why the home side was considered the frontrunner in the fixture.

Still, both players and fans got a bit of a shock by how hard the away team fought for a chance to upset Barca at Camp Nou. Indeed, after a hard-fought half-hour of defense, Villarreal was the first team on the board, thanks to a goal at the 30-minute mark from midfielder Denis Cheryshev.

Neymar fired back 15 minutes later to equalize just before halftime. However, just minutes into the second half, the home squad was trailing once again, and supporters in the Lionel Messi t-shirt were getting understandably worried. A loss in this game, after all, would a setback to the squad's endeavor to overtake Real Madrid as the top football club on the 2014 2015 La Liga table.

Luckily, worries of a 1-2 loss didn't last very long. Just two minutes after the away side took the lead, 21-year-old midfielder Rafinha came to the rescue to equalize. It was only the second goal that the young Brazilian soccer star has scored since coming to Camp Nou this season, and the first in proper La Liga play.

Rafinha got to be the hero of the surprisingly competitive fixture, but it was Lionel Messi who played the role of closer. Just two minutes after Barca tied the score at 2-2, Leo converted an assist from Luis Suarez into a third point for his team. Crowd members in the Messi Barcelona home jersey 2014 2015 went wild, and justifiably so: the goal ended up being the deciding factor in the fixture. Barcelona won 3-2.

A Good Week

The La Liga victory topped off what had been a very strong week for Barca. On Wednesday, the squad had won 3-2 in an away game against Atletico Madrid. The fixture was the second leg of the 2014 2015 Copa Del Rey quarterfinals, and Barca's victory earned the football club a spot in the semifinals.

If the week's victories offer any indication, we will be seeing Barca in the finals of this year's Copa Del Rey. Root for the football squad today, with a brand new set of club gear from Soccer Box. Whether you are looking for a Lionel Messi t-shirt, a Neymar 2014 2015 home jersey, or some other item, you can find it here.