Though Liverpool has never been a club known for wearing "out there" football kits, there's something refreshingly back to basics about the 2015 2016 kit from New Balance. Back in June, we got our first glimpse of the company's football kit work with the unveiling of the red 2015 2016 home jersey. Now, with the reveal of the traditional Liverpool away jersey 2015 2016-as well as the midnight black third jersey-we've officially seen Liverpool's full wardrobe for the upcoming season.

Liverpool Shirts

Instantly Likable

While the 2015 2016 Liverpool away kit is certainly simplistic-and not flashy in the slightest-it's hard not to like the shirt. A predominantly white kit with red trim and detailing, the New Balance design effortlessly captures the color and style that have always been iconic of Liverpool FC.

The new away shirt is also nicely muted and subtle in design-especially after a 2014 2015 away jersey that could best be described as "loud." Last year's away kit, which was bright yellow with red detailing and trim, was just a little too much, and clashed dramatically with the other colors in the Liverpool wardrobe-from the red of the home shirt and the magenta of the home goalkeeper jersey to the black of the away goalkeeper kit.

By dialing back the use of bright colors, New Balance has created an instantly classic line of soccer kits. Between the subtle red checkering of the 2015 2016 home jersey, the classic black polo shirt design of the third kit, the eye-catching black and red goalkeeper shirt, and now the breezy white and red away shirt, New Balance have entered the global football market in an understated but effective fashion.

A High-Flying Launch 

Speaking of entrances, there was nothing understated about the way Liverpool veteran Robbie Fowler arrived on the scene of Liverpool's away kit launch event. The launch, taking place on Australia's Gold Coast as the Reds tour the Outback, featured Fowler skydiving from a plane while wearing the brand new New Balance shirt.

Reds fans have seen Robbie Fowler do a lot of different things over the years. During two stints with the club-from 1993 to 2001, and again from 2006 to 2007-Fowler tallied 183 goals in 369 appearances (enough to make him the soccer club's sixth most prolific scorer). Add Fowler's record for the fastest hat trick in Liverpool history-four minutes and 33 seconds, in a 1994 match against Arsenal-and it's obvious why so many Reds supporters will never forget the talented striker.

With all of that said, one things that fans had never seen Fowler do was jump out of a plane and parachute onto a beach. And while Fowler admitted to feeling nervous before taking the plunge, he later had good things to say about both the stunt and the new away strip.

"It was one of the best experiences I've ever had and just shows the new Liverpool away kit isn't just good for the pitch but for jumping out of planes as well!"

While we can probably count on most of Liverpool's current players not testing the shirt's plane-jumping quotient, hopefully Fowler's prediction that the kit will be "good for the pitch" will hold true. The Reds are looking to turn things around in the 2015 2016 Premier League, after falling from second place in 2014 to sixth place this past season.

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