Liverpool football club suffered one of the harsher disappointments in recent soccer history this year, coming so close to winning the English Premier League only to fall just short of the title in the final weeks of competition. For fans and players alike, the loss was a bitter pill to swallow, leaving Liverpool in the runner up slot for the third time since the founding of the Premier League in the early 1990s. Despite the disappointment though, the Liverpool team is looking forward, and that much is evident from the Liverpool home kit.

Indeed, the Liverpool home shirt 2014 2015 (which you can purchase on Soccer Box right now!) is a symbol that reflects the team's willingness to carry on regardless of even the most heartbreaking defeats. The new shirt retains many of the trademarks of older shirts Warrior is still the manufacturer, for instance, and the primary color of the jersey is still red in such a way that keeps a respectful hold upon team tradition.

However, Liverpool has also changed up a few design factors for the Liverpool home kit 2014, losing the subtle red striping that characterized the 2013 2014 kit, and changing the colors of sponsor logos (for Warrior and Standard Chartered) from gold to white. The changes seem to say that Liverpool is ready to move forward into a new era of success, while never forgetting what the team in the past, and if so, that is a hopeful mission statement that fans of the team should be happy to echo.

Liverpool Home Kit

Changes on the Way for Liverpool

Beyond the Liverpool home shirt 2014 2015, what sort of changes are on the way for Liverpool as the team transitions into its so-called "new era"? One of the big question marks surrounds Anfield, Liverpool's beloved home ground. The organization has submitted an application to update the stadium and add capacity to its stands.

Undoubtedly, Anfield is due for a few updates. The Liverpool football club has been using the ground as its home field since it first formed in 1892. Since then, league football has obviously changed quite a bit, with appreciation for teams like Liverpool growing exponentially especially after strong seasons like this past one. As a result, Liverpool's 45,000 some seats aren't quite suitable anymore, and it seems an expansion is order.

A decade ago, the proposal was to replace Anfield entirely, but fans were lukewarm at best about the idea because it would have been a huge disservice to the century-plus heritage of the Liverpool football club. Now, plans have shifted to renovation, with the goal being to add about 15,000 seats to Anfield and to enhance it for the modern age of soccer, all without sacrificing the many memories that have been made at the stadium over the years. In short, the updates for Anfield are similar to the updates made to the Liverpool home shirt 2014 2015: they show a commitment to moving forward, but without completely desecrating tradition and heritage.

A Long Summer

It will be a long summer before Premier League play resumes and the Liverpool home kit 2014 actually makes its football play debut. In that time, other changes will undoubtedly arise for Liverpool, most of them relating to the line-up shifts and contractual shake-ups that inevitably affect every team in between seasons.

In addition to the typical dealings that go on in soccer front offices, though, this summer will see another factor that could affect the status quo: the World Cup. With 11 players headed to Brazil to represent their various national teams, Liverpool is one of the most well represented teams in the World Cup this year, and could easily be sending a player who is a respected talent today, but who will turn into a bona-fide star with a strong World Cup performance? Keep watching both the World Cup and Premier League action to see play unfold, and the stars arise!