After the end of the 2013 2014 Premier League, it wasn't immediately clear what was next for Liverpool FC. On one hand, the team had just put forth an excellent season and finished the year in the runner-up position. On the other hand, Liverpool lost a hold on the lead in the very last weeks of competition, allowing Manchester City to steal what would have been its first English championship football title since 1989 1990. With triumph and disappointment mixed, fans weren't quite sure what to expect when they donned the Liverpool FC kit at the top of the 2014 2015 Premier League.

Quickly, it became evident that the Reds hadn't quite put last spring's narrowly missed title behind them. A season-starting win against Southampton started things out in a strong enough fashion, but losses against Manchester City, Aston Villa, and West Ham United quickly dropped Liverpool out of the division top 10. The club has since clawed its way back to the top five, though, and fans can celebrate that fact with a range of gear at Soccer Box. From an adult away kit to a Liverpool kids home jersey 2014 2015, all the way to training jersey options, we have everything you could possibly want or need.

Liverpool FC Kit

A Disappointing Start

It was understandable when the Reds quickly lost their momentum and drive at the beginning of the 2014 2015 Premier League. The Manchester City loss was crushing, adding insult to the injury of last season's events. The score, of 3-1, was also heavily in favor of Man City, and Liverpool's only goal was an own goal from Man City's Pablo Zabaleta.

Luckily, the Manchester loss was an away game, so Liverpool didn't have to disappoint the raucous home crowds at Anfield-crowds made up of both kids and adults. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the squad's match against Aston Villa.

The Aston Villa loss was disappointing for a number of reasons. First of all, it was played at home, so the Reds had to let down the fans in the Liverpool kids home jersey 2014 2015. Secondly, Aston Villa is a strongly inferior team, having ended last season in 15th place on the division standings table. The score was just 1-0, so it wasn't an embarrassing loss, but it was a demoralizing one for the Liverpool jersey wearers.

The demoralization continued into late September, when the team dropped a third match, this time against West Ham United. The 3-1 loss was surprising, given that the Hammers finished last year 11 slots behind the Reds. However, West Ham has also been having a very strong season this fall. The club is currently in the top five, right ahead of Liverpool.

The Redemptive Streak 

Fortunately for fans of the Liverpool FC kit, their team has been able mount a redemptive streak to come back from their low point of 12th place to their current slot at fifth. Early wins against Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur helped the club keep from falling too far down the standings table, while recent victories against West Bromwich Albion and Queens Park Rangers have allowed the Liverpool jersey to climb back up quickly.

Even though the wins against WBA and Queens Park Rangers were more or less given-both teams are among the weaker members of the 2014 2015 Premier League-they were still crowd-pleasing victories. By the time Liverpool beat West Brom, the squad had been winless for more than a month. Understandably, the young fans in the Liverpool kids home jersey 2014 2015, as well as older fans in the squad's home kit, went wild.

Both kids and adults were equally appreciative of last weekend's 3-2 victory over Queens Park Rangers, proudly wearing the Liverpool kit throughout the pre-game festivities and on through the after events. Though QPR are the lowest ranked club in the division right now, the score ended up being fairly close-perhaps a sign that Reds players need to throw on a training jersey and work a little harder. Still, a win is a win, and Liverpool's record is now good enough for top five contention.

Will the Reds continue to win games and campaign for Premier League success? Or will they dip back down the table with upcoming fixtures against the likes of Chelsea and Stoke City? Only time will tell, but you can cheer for the club by picking up a 2014 2015 Liverpool FC kit at Soccer Box. From a kid's home jersey to an adult away kit, we have all the gear you could possibly need.