It was a disappointing end to an otherwise terrific season for the Liverpool football club, as the light blue and white of the Manchester City jersey and not the bright red of the Liverpool home kit ultimately came out on top of the Premier League podium. For much of the season, Liverpool and Manchester City battled closely along with a third competitor in the form of Chelsea football club for the top three slots on the Premier League standings table.

Ultimately though, it wasn't Liverpool's season to win, as Manchester City slipped into the lead position with just weeks to spare, successfully winning its final two games to pull ahead of Liverpool and win the title. Still, the season was Liverpool's most promising in years, and fans of the team have high hopes for the team's chances in 2014 2015. In fact, excitement for next season is so high at Liverpool that Soccer Box already has merchandise ready, like the Liverpool home goalkeeper jersey 2014 2015.

The purple goalie shirt, made by Warrior, will be worn by team goalkeeper Simon Mignolet next year. The shirt isn't the only product for next season that Soccer Box has available either. On the contrary, our online store is already loaded with shirts from next year's Liverpool home kit, both short-sleeved and long-sleeved, both for adults and for kids. 2013 2014 jerseys, meanwhile, are on sale for fans who want a memento to remember this rise-from-the-ashes season.

Liverpool Home Kit

Rise from the Ashes

"Rise from the ashes" is precisely what the Liverpool football club did in the 2013 2014 season, and regardless of the team's eventual failure to win the Premier League, that fact at least cannot be discounted. That fact alone will drive sales of the Liverpool home goalkeeper jersey 2014 2015, as well as overall anticipation for the team's performance next year.

Liverpool's struggles have been common knowledge in England's league soccer circles over the past five years. In 2008 2009, the team famously contended for the Premier League title, coming in second in the standings (by only four points) to league stalwarts, Manchester United. It looked as if Liverpool was ready to climb back to the prominence it had enjoyed in the Football League First Division (where the team had claimed 18 titles more than any other team).

Unfortunately for fans of the Liverpool team, things didn't quite work out like that. The team failed to repeat the success of its 2008 2009 season the following year, and between 2009 and 2013, Liverpool put on consistently mediocre performances, oscillating between 6th and 8th place in the Premier League settings. Wearing the Liverpool home kit became less a sign of pride and more a mark of patience for long-suffering fans.

A Successful Turnaround

This year, though, things seemed different. Brendan Rodgers took the managerial position in 2012 2013, and while it took some time for he and his team to get in the groove, his appointment ultimately paid off. He led Liverpool to an impressive seasonal finish of 26 wins, 6 draws, and 6 losses, and the soccer community was so impressed by the showing that League Managers' Association recently crowned Rodgers as "Manager of the Year."

The Liverpool team choked a bit down the home stretch, with a penultimate Premier League game against Crystal Palace ending in a disastrous draw that more or less destroyed the team's chances at a title. Still, while Manchester City ultimately had the better season record, Liverpool may well have had the better team. At their most recent meeting, Liverpool beat Manchester City 3-2.

All of this the power of Rodgers as manager, the Liverpool team's ability to topple even the best teams in head-to-head match-ups has given fans plenty to hope for next season. Suffice to say that this year's Premier League defeat won't slow the sale of products like the Liverpool home goalkeeper jersey 2014 2015.

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