Liverpool Away Shirt 2014 - 2015The Liverpool football squad has put together one of the more remarkable comebacks in recent memory this year. With the 2013 2014 Premier League, the Reds nearly topped the table-only to be passed by Manchester City at the last minute. But when the soccer club began 2014 2015 play back in August, they didn't look like a reigning runner-up. On the contrary, with a series of sloppy performances, Liverpool dipped to 12th place in the division after 12 weeks of play. It looked like their chances of another runner-up finish were all but dust. Heck, most fans didn't even know if the club would be able to pull off qualification for the Champions or Europa Leagues. It was a dark time to be a fan in one of the Liverpool kits.

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Somehow things have looked up. A brilliant three-month run-from mid-December through to late March-has taken the Reds from 10th to fifth on the standings table! Celebrate the Cinderella-style success story, with a new set of kits from Soccer Box! Whether you are looking for the red home shirt, the purple or black goalkeeper kits, or the bright yellow Liverpool away shirt 2014 2015, you can find it here!

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Manchester United

Fifth place is a solid spot for the Reds to be right now-especially after they had such a disastrous start to the season. However, the soccer squad did miss a few golden opportunities to climb higher up the table in recent weeks-first against Man Utd, and later against Arsenal.

The first opportunity was a March 22nd home game with Manchester United. Going into the game, United had 56 points in the standings (good for a fourth-place slot) while Liverpool had 54. If the Reds had won the football fixture, they would have leaped into fourth place.

But even with the home field advantage on their side, the wearers of the Liverpool kits just couldn't make it happen. By the time they took the field on March 22nd, the Reds hadn't lost a Premier League fixture-home or away-since December 14th.

The last team to beat them was Man Utd. Indeed, that December 14th fixture had seen the Reds donning the Liverpool away shirt 2014 2015 for a contest at Manchester's own Old Trafford. The result was a 0-3 loss for the Liverpool squad, a game where each of United's core offensive trio-Wayne Rooney, Juan Mata, and Robin Van Persie-scored a goal.

Needless to say, the Reds were hoping to return the favor for that decisive away loss with their March 22nd rematch against Man Utd. But the Red Devils had other plans. Liverpool was playing catch up early on, after Juan Mata delivered a goal for the away side 14 minutes into the game. But before the home team could get on the board, Mata had made his goal a brace. Up 2-0 60 minutes into the game, Manchester looked poised to break Liverpool's undefeated streak.

Other Games

The Reds did get on the board, with a 69-minute goal from Daniel Sturridge. It was too little, too late, though, and Liverpool ultimately lost the game 1-2. It was a tough defeat to stomach, not just because it snapped the club's spotless 2015 run, but also because it delayed their ascent toward the top of the Premier League table.

The following weekend brought another great opportunity, when the Reds wore the Liverpool away shirt 2014 2015 for a battle with Arsenal. The Gunners ultimately won that fixture 4-1, and Liverpool's winning streak drifted further off into memory.

A 2-0 home win against Newcastle United helped get Liverpool back on the positive side (and allowed them to retain their spot in fifth place). But it's tough not to think about what might have been if they could have beaten Man Utd or Arsenal. Those games were definitely the best chance the Reds had at landing a second consecutive runner-up finish.

Still, there are six weeks games left to play this season, and you can pick up a new set of Liverpool kits from Soccer Box.